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When Art played modest – Le Monde

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” a poor art “is a manifestation of a new kind. It responds to the desire to work together on the same subject, the Centre Pompidou departments that do not coordinated among themselves. Two exhibitions, a film program and the festival ManiFeste IRCAM are placed under the same sign: plastic works, films, choreography, music echo. As these events require financing, it was decided to stick to the exhibitions, the collections of the Musée National d’Art Moderne (MNAM), economical solution. Could it by referring to the current context that the chosen subject is the economy of means, the inexpensive or free materials, pushed modesty to the extreme? Or is it a taste for paradox it is shown how the museum is rich in works of artists who have made a vow of poverty?

Various experiments

These artists are Italian. poor art says arte povera in Italian, and it was under this name since 1967 and an exhibition in Genoa, is known internationally one of the major artistic movements of the second half of the XX th century – and the only one born in Italy. Movement is moreover not the word because it implies an agreement between the members on theoretical positions and practices and styles. Gold arte povera does not meet these conditions. The work of its artists are alike in anything, and all refuse to cultivate what might be their personal way.

Just a glance at the Gallery 4 Centre …


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