Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Semitism: the stroke of Joann Sfar – The Point

Books and DVDs on World War II and the Holocaust degraded, insulting comments in the toilet … For a year, the library of Lannion (Côtes d’Armor) is the target of anti-Semitic and racist acts, as indeed Ouest-France state. The latest provocation dated targeted a video adaptation of the comic The Rabbi’s Cat . In response, the author Joann Sfar pushed a rant on Facebook.

After sharing the article by Ouest-France reported that the further deterioration in the Breton committed media, the famous designer has cracked a long message on his Facebook profile, a tone mixed with sadness and weariness. “They raised me with kind words ” they start burning books and after they prey on men “,” first noted the one who has directed Gainsbourg, heroic life

Regularly victim of anti-Semitism

then there is a link between anti-Semitic acts and the attack in Toulouse. “Since Mohamed Merah, the kick the great slaughter of men and women began in France. ” Joann Sfar continues: “In this world where every week announced a new massacre, the first thought that comes to me is ” in addition he fucks books “. Sorry for my apathy. “

The artist is particularly disillusioned face these aggressions he said sadly too familiar. “I’ll deal with you after fifteen years of interventions in PTA during which I saw as teach the Second World War became a perilous act. Really, to the point where we are, I should not even be touched to discover that my books who speak only of coexistence and reconciliation between men are subject to depredation. “

“Jews are a barometer”

the designer takes advantage of this message to explain its difficulty selling his work the Rabbi’s Cat in some countries. “I do not want to name the buyers without exception representatives countless territories have said” personally we’d like it, but there in the title rabbi then this is not for us’. “

the good news keeps Joann Sfar is the fact that “for the first time a newspaper speaks” attacks which his work is the target. He ends his message on Facebook, “Like” and shared thousands of times, for a form of warning: “The Jews are a barometer when we begin to knock it is that freedoms are not there for long . “


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