Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mel Gibson prepares Following his film The Passion of the Christ – Le Figaro

VIDEO – According to the US site The Hollywood Reporter , the actor-director would consider shooting a second film about the life of Jesus.

the Passion of Christ (2004) had done tumbling Mel Gibson the status of untouchable star to that of black sheep Hollywood. Although very appreciated by the public, the controversial film was shunned by critics who accused him unbearable violence of certain scenes and to stir up hatred against Jews.

And yet, twelve years later, it is not resistant to resume this story bothers where he left off. “ The Passion of Christ is only the beginning. There is still much to tell, “said screenwriter Randall Wallace to the US magazine The Hollywood Reporter to justify this decision to prepare a sequel to the controversial film.

As The Passion of Christ was the big screen the last twelve hours of Jesus’ life, from his arrest in Garden of Olives in his death on the cross, after recount Resurrection, Christians celebrate every year on Easter Sunday. Three days later came the women embalm his body discovered his empty tomb and understand that he is risen.

The writer has the support of Catholics to carry out this nascent project: “The evangelical community believes The Passion of Christ as the biggest movie in Hollywood, and we ensure that a result will win a biggest hit yet. “

Since the first shooting ignited the box office ($ 600 million for a very low budget), they set the bar high.

Several sources of financing have already expressed interest in the project, according to Randall Wallace. The question is whether Jim Caviezel will accept again the role of Christ, which earned him to be put to the Hollywood standard in 2004.


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