Monday, June 13, 2016

Chef Emmanuel Krivine appointed to the Orchestre National de France –


(AFP) – Emmanuel Krivine was appointed head of the National Orchestra of France, one of the great orchestras of Radio France, beset by a serious crisis there is a year when he was threatened merger or outsourcing.


Emmanuel Krivine will take over as music director from 1 September 2017 for a period of three years renewable but ensures already the music director designate function, while his predecessor, Italian Daniele Gatti, was appointed to head the prestigious Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam, in place of Mariss Jansons.


Emmanuel Krivine, 69, is the first French leader to lead the Orchestre National de France since Jean Martinon there are more than 40 years, said Radio France.


Renowned suspicious and authoritarian, he was “acclaimed by the musicians of the NFB,” said Michel Orier, Director of Music at Radio France. The NFB has 120 musicians.


“This is a reunion, because Emmanuel Krivine began his career at Radio France, he reworked with National during a concert in Montreux last year which was a kind of epiphany,” says -he.


Emmanuel Krivine co-founded and was principal conductor since 2004, the Chambre Philharmonique, a set of period instruments. It was in the past a permanent guest chef at Radio France (1976-1983), music director of the Orchestre National de Lyon (1987-2000) and the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra from 2006 to 2015.


– Differentiate the two orchestras –








The National Orchestra of France or “National”, born in 1934, created the first permanent symphony orchestra in France, has seen a succession of prestigious conductors as Lorin Maazel and Kurt Masur.


A serious crisis shook the two orchestras of Radio France in April 2015, with the stated intention of the president Mathieu Gallet to separate from National, which he considered an “outsourcing” the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées (TCE) NFB which is linked by a longstanding partnership.


The project was aborted in the first place because the TCE informed that there was no candidate.


Michel Orier, new music director of Radio France, today excludes any merger or disappearance of one of two orchestras but evokes “a necessary resizing” or “a staff reduction in all training musical “.


The Orchestre National de France is one of the four permanent training of the round house, with the Philharmonic Orchestra, Chorus and Master.


“The choice of Emmanuel Krivine enters the differentiation of the two orchestras” told AFP Michel Orier. “It was the Philharmonic a young chef who has not 40 years (Mikko Franck, 37 years), very invested in contemporary music composers in Northern Europe, which is obviously also a lover of French music but that is very different from the musical personality of Emmanuel Krivine. “


“It is in the configuration where it was Kurt Masur on one side and Chung Myung-whun (former head of the Philharmonic) on the other,” he says.


Emmanuel Krivine “will make music at the highest level on the directory heart of this orchestra is a great leader on the French music of the German Romantics, of Russian music as the first objective assigned to it is to ensure consistency in excellence to the NFB. “


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