Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Orelsan rapper will lend his voice to the heroes of manga One Punch Man – Figaro

The singer never stops adding new strings (vocal) to his bow. Here become voice actor for what promises to be the animated series of the year, which will be distributed on DVD from October.

Orelsan rapper is a huge fan of manga and Japanese animation. His stage name itself is a tribute to the country of the rising sun. “Orelsan” is indeed the contraction of his name “Aurelian” with the addition of the suffix “san”, the basic honorable mention in Japanese. Somewhat equivalent of “Mr. Aurélien”. It also remembers the time he had sung disguised character in Knights of the Zodiac , in the video for They are cool .

Friday, June 24, he announced on his Facebook account that he would interpret the voice, in French, Saitama character of the manga One Punch Man . The news seems logical in view of the passion of the rapper. “This is a childhood dream and an honor to be the voice of a personal as cool in a lively too great,” was he exclaimed. It is also a step closer to him in his acting career, having participated in the series Blocked on Canal +, then directed and starred last year in his first film, How this is far (2015) with his buddy Gringe.

The original One Punch Man is a webcomic (webcomic), written and drawn by ONE. Become very popular, the series was adapted in 2012 in manga, drawn by Yusuke Murata. One Punch Man continued to break records in that form. After the success of the first two volumes, the third volume, published June 9 in France, won comics sales in its first weekend of release and all stocks have been exhausted.

One Punch Man is then passed by the animated series box, on Japanese television first. But fans around the world will soon be able to enjoy their favorite manga. The series will be adapted into several languages, including French, for the DVD release scheduled for October 12th. Orelsan there personify Saitama, the hero of the comic, a young unemployed and idle (much like the hero of Blocked ) who decides to become a superhero known as One Punch Man . The rapper is delighted to give voice to it, his fans and those of the manga too.


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