Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jean Reno doubt the integration of Muslims in France – Le Figaro

In an interview with the daily El Mundo , the French actor of Spanish origin spoke about the situation of immigrants in France. For him, those who decide to “stay in a culture based on religion will have problems.”

Jean Reno puts his foot in it. The French actor, born in Casablanca and whose andalousiens parents settled in France in 1960, was interviewed by Spanish daily El Mundo on the situation of immigrants in France.

“If you look at people arriving in Europe, you realize that those who are integrated are non-Muslims. Those living with religious laws can integrate. But those who decide to stay in a culture based on religion will have problems in schools and in other institutions of the Republic, “said the actor who currently lives in New York. On its own integration, Jean Reno said “feel less immigrated to the United States than in France.”

“I do not feel completely French”

“I used to consider myself as a perpetual immigrant. But since I met my late wife and we settled in New York, the situation changed. There, everyone is an immigrant, “he said.

The actor, who starred in famous French films like The Visitors , Leo or Le Grand Bleu , told not to feel “completely French.” “I do not have the personality type that can be enjoyed in France. I do not call myself Gérard Depardieu, and it does not mean I do not like Gerard. It is a friend of mine and he does what he wants, including when it will settle in Russia. In France, I was given awards, one respects me and I respect myself there, but inside myself I’m Spanish, Andalusian same. “


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