Wednesday, June 15, 2016

E3 2016: the new Spider-Man game represents a new strategy for Marvel – Screenrush

In 2014, Marvel Studios have (finally) decided to change their tune on videogame versions of their licenses, most catastrophic time, with very few exceptions. For if the films under Marvel license prance regularly top the box office, it will not really do the same for video games.

The turning “quality” and change strategy should thus s’ operate with the new Spider-Man game, developed by Insomniac studio, and presented at the Sony conference Monday night. Remember, this is the same studio behind the highly successful reboot of the license Ratchet & amp (and beautiful!); . Clank

reminder, here is the trailer for the new Spider-Man game:

Jay Ong, head of the gaming division Marvel video, high hopes based on this title. “When I arrived at Marvel, I knew that with such a treasure chest filled with some of the best stories and superheroes ever created, it was our duty to make great games that fans appreciate” explains the interest in the specialized site Gameindustry . “With Marvel Executives and my team, so we changed strategy to be very selective and now only work with the best studios and the best partners in the industry. We want to work selectively with partners who share our vision and ambition to open a new era for the business of Marvel games. “

Marvel is now triple AAA label or these games cost very important development, even if it does not prohibit “diversified its portfolio” as explained Jay Ong. Besides, it’s not as if Marvel would miss cash overnight …

Anyway, Spider-Man of the future now through Sony and Insomniac studio . Remember, the Spider-Man games were previously published by Activision . If this new strategy can lead to game development of the caliber of those created by Rocksteady and extraordinary saga of Batman: Arkham under the leadership of Warner Interactive , it actually will not complain.


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