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About 2016 philo tray: moral, work, freedom … The texts and authors who have fallen [L, O, S, MGT] –

BAC PHILO – What topics are working philosophy of the candidates Wednesday morning? Although the subjects are often related news, the 2016 ferry could be some surprises …

[Updated June 15, 2016 at 9:40] BAC TOPICS pHILO – philo tray subjects are now known. Since eight o’clock this morning, candidates for the 2016 trough are working on their first test. For tray L , they had the choice between “the real is it reduced to what one sees?” and “Is the policy’s business?”. The text was taken from under the Doctrine of Kant dealing with the theme of happiness. For ES tray , candidates had to answer the question “history can enlighten the future?” or “to be free, do not meet that hurdle?”. The proposed text was a Principles extract the philosophy of Descartes on fun

Candidates for S tray had a choice. “Desire us he away real? ” and “the technique she used to make us masters of nature?”. The text was an excerpt of Political Treatise Spinoza on freedom and the state. Finally, candidates for the techno tray should ask if we can do without art or so if all beliefs are equal. The text that they proposed was a Cahiers to extract a moral from Sartre.

philo Subjects Tray 2016

philo tray Subject L

Bac 2016 subject Philosophy L published by aseres

philo tray topic ES

pan 2016 ES subject Philosophy published by aseres

Ability to organize a thought, develop perspectives, structure its argument without necessarily having read a lot, but by showing that we can be relevant without the baggage of an associate. This is the real purpose of the test of philosophy tray awaiting the students and other candidates of the baccalaureate at 8 am on the dot. If the references are not everything, of revising the year remains essential to ensure a good result in the tray. Difficult indeed to be brilliant on sometimes very theoretical subjects without solid references or without having read a few major authors works.

The subjects of philosophy that were expected

If you’re one of the 700,000 baccalaureate candidates this year and you angoissez about philosophy, know that some subjects are more likely than others this year, and learn about the trends is never useless. Here are the predictions for the 2016 tray.

For the BAC S , it is likely this year that “subjects on culture and art” are proposed, estimated Dominique Saatdjian philosophy professor, told Le Figaro Student. Are still working in this sector quite broad concepts, such as language and time. Interrogate specialized science students on more marked humanities concepts is a habit. So do not overlook all the current view part this year on freedom or on the debates of ideas revolving around the state, authority and new ways of doing politics.

for the BAC L : for Professor Dominique Saatdjian, it is very likely that specialized in literary industry students are interviewed “on the themes of freedom and security” and they angler to have their copy on current facts. Quite generally, also believes the teacher in this sector is very often expected a structured reflection on “the central concepts such as freedom, equality or justice.” “We can not do impasse on key concepts such as justice, freedom, truth and the state that are essential,” also explains Professor Damien Theillier to The Student. The current context, discussions on state of emergency, constitutional reform, penal reform and the digital offer rich enough context to argue taking current topics for example and reflection points.

for the BAC ES : This is the sector that is most related to current events, and allows students to build a broader base of general knowledge that L or S. so that Will probably put to use the knowledge acquired in all subjects, beyond the things learned in philosophy courses. According to Dominique Saatdjian, “echoes today may suggest issues around work, which will bring us back to general notions like freedom.” Another subject on which we must be able to support a thought: “the state and society.” According to philosophy professor Damien Theillier, told The Student, “Freedom, truth, justice and the state are part of these themes to revise priority.”

For the BAC STMG the philosophy is not a decisive material nor very worked during the year. But the level of requirement remains important, even if the subjects should focus on rather broad themes, such as freedom or the art and technique

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