Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Alf is dead! – Point

Mihaly Meszaros died that night. This man was an unknown star, but a superstar! Measuring 83 centimeters, it has long carried the unofficial title of the world’s smallest man. In 1986, he donned the suit of Alf, the ball of the most beloved hair on earth. The series already won considerable success, but its eponymous hero was static, often confined in the kitchen or in a shoe box. At the request of the fans, the production wanted to give more life and move “the beast”. For wide shots, so we hired an actor who does not even figured in the credits of the episodes in which he shot! The rest of the time, most plans with Alf turned using a machine. Shooting an entire episode could then take up to 25 hours of work, to the detriment of the technical team and the players. Aired on NBC from September 1986 to March 1990, Alf telling the life of this alien hosted by the Tanner family to whom he was to see all the colors. His blunders but also his big heart and generosity have made Alf – came from the planet Melmac – a character adored by teenagers worldwide. In France, of the 102 episodes Alf were broadcast repeatedly, first on Antenne 2 in March 1988 and recently on France 5 at the end of 2012. C ‘ is the famous actor Roger Carel, major figure of the french dubbing, who lent his voice to the character.

Meszaros worked in a circus

Aged 76, Meszaros had fallen in the bathroom of his home in Beverly Hills and had been transported unconscious last week in a Los Angeles hospital. Mihaly ‘Michu’ Meszaros, born on 1 October 1939 in Budapest, began his career in the circus, before emigrating to the United States. This is the American website TMZ that collected the confirmation of the death of Alf by Denis Varga, his manager. Cats, favorite food of the most famous alien creature (after ET!), Can breathe a sigh of relief … Meszaros also appears on the album cover Dangerous Michael Jackson in 1991 and as in the Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson Dreams he was very close.


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