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Brad Pitt face the zombies: 5 things to know about “World War Z” – Pure People

With $ 540 million raised, World War Z has become the most successful career of Brad Pitt. Airing this Sunday night on TF1, the blockbuster is a very special chapter to the husband of Angelina Jolie, as the film has experienced difficulties. With its share of fantasized descriptions, and as a result will turn this summer, here are 5 things (or secrets) to know about this movie.

A scenario blacklisted

Located in 2007 in the Blacklist , ie a list of very good scripts which no studio was willing, World War Z has undergone several screenwriters. Initially, the original script by J. Michael Straczynski was very different. It worked on the ellipses and flashbacks, the plot having to spend ten years after the appearance of the virus. The film was then interested in the societal effects and changes that followed. But director Mark Foster found it too intellectual and poached Matthew Michael Carnahan to rewrite it. While filming, the producers are then realized that the end was not consistent. And this is the tandem of Lost , Damon Lindelof ( Prometheus ) and Drew Goddard ( The Cabin in the Woods ) that was loaded to tweak the third act to make it credible.

Brad vs. Leonardo

World War Z is basically a novel by Max Brooks, entitled An Oral History of the war zombies , which was published in September 2006. the novel has quickly attracted the attention of Hollywood producers. And behind the scenes, there has been a real fight between Brad Pitt (through his company Plan B) and Leonardo DiCaprio (for Appian Way) to get the rights. The end of history, we know it, but one wonders what the film would have to DiCaprio with his head.


Among the various pitfalls encountered during shooting include this episode in Hungary, where a weapons delivery was blocked by local authorities. 85 guns, pistols and other guns, to be used for the film were confiscated by the anti-terrorist brigade. They argued that the weapons could be activated by anyone. Brad Pitt was “ furious “, but fortunately, the shooting was not too delayed.

Brad Pitt kills his own son

Like what Hollywood actor is frankly a nice family man, he offered to his eldest Maddox a small role in the film. Except that the teenager was playing a zombie who is knock his head and take a burst of bullets. “ I do not know what that says about me as a parent ,” joked the actor.

The casted actors who débinent

casting directors and producers have to face the possibility that a player withdraws, mainly for planning reasons. Ed Harris and Bryan Cranston, initially selected, had to withdraw. It is unclear what role they were to occupy.


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