Bud Spencer in “Crime Busters”. – ANITA WEBER / SIPA

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most read of the day. Bud Spencer, famous actor of spaghetti westerns, died

Bud Spencer is not. Aged 86 years, the actor, whose real name Carlo Pedersoli, died Monday afternoon.

Born in Naples in 1929, this round, bearded man was particularly known thanks to duo he formed with fellow Terence Hill, whose real name Mario Girotti, in several films including is called the Trinita . spaghetti western Reference (Italian western), Bud Spencer also played in popular comedies, thrillers and even art films.

Despite its popularity, the actor regretted not being sufficiently considered by the film world who saw in him a series of player B. But outside the big screen, the Italian colossus did many other things. The evidence in this articleavec 5 things you did not know (certainly) on Bud Spencer

most shared Item of the day. Finally, we already know who will win the Euro 2016

the time is not yet the balance sheet, but we can already guess who will be among the big winners of Euro 2016. by chance, the three french broadcasters of the competition, to Read beIN Sports, TF1 and M6. And because the three channels broadcasting the competition in France perform sacred audience ratings. At the M6 ​​image which achieved a peak audience of history with the match between France and Switzerland.

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Article Brexit of the day: will we (still) go to the UK without visa

“Bye bye Europe?”. The United Kingdom decided Thursday to leave the European Union, which should not be without consequences for the movement of people. Here’s what could change for European tourists, European workers and migrants.

Moreover, it is this evening in Brussels that runs the Last Supper to 28. And it looks tense . David Cameron will dine tonight with his now ex-European partners. On the agenda: the divorce of the century, of course. But who will be around the table and ask what? 20 Minutes you remade the film events and presents the main characters with David Cameron married fickle, Angela Merkel comprehensive mother and François Hollande worried father.