Bud Spencer in “Crime Busters”. – ANITA WEBER / SIPA

He influenced generations of viewers. Bud Spencer died Monday “without suffering,” said his son. For many, it will remain the truculent spaghetti western actor and inseparable sidekick Terence Hill, but outside of the big screen, the Italian colossus did many other things. Here are some little-known anecdotes and an overview of other talents of the actor …

  • A name that smells hops

Her favorite beer was Budweiser and was a fan of Spencer Tracy. Therefore Carlo Pedersoli – that’s his real name – has chosen the “Bud Spencer” pseudonym in 1967 before turning into the spaghetti westerns that made him famous

  • He participated in the Olympic Games

Before the big screen, Bud Spencer fumbled the great basin. And at a very good level as it was sacred seven times champion of swimming Italy, becoming the first Italian to make the 100m freestyle in less than a minute. Lap times which allowed him to represent his country at the Summer Olympics in 1952 and 1956, but it stops at 100m semifinals. And there is no better in 1960. At the end of his life, he returns to his first loves water since landed in 2007, a graduate swimming coach and water polo.

  • He recorded songs in french

In the early 1960s, under his real name, he wrote and sang two songs for children. Once launched his acting career, he recorded more songs that have been marketed without revolutionizing the music.

He also wrote several texts of songs for other performers, being credited as Carlo Pedersoli. This year he released an album, Futtetenne ( “Get thee out” in Neapolitan), composed songs in Neapolitan, Italian or French, including I Love Paris .

  • He had his pilot’s license

After shooting All the Way, Boys in 1972, Bud Spencer landed his jet pilot wings and helicopter. A passion for tunes that led him to create his own transport company, Mistral Air, in 1984. A company of which he is withdrawing from but is still operating as a subsidiary of the Italian Post.

  • He made the

In the regional elections of 2005, Bud Spencer is on the list of Francesco Storace, the candidate of Forza Italia, the party center-right Berlusconi. But he is not elected. In 2013, he supports the candidacy of his daughter Cristiana municipal Rome. It represents The People of Freedom [who would later be renamed Forza Italia]