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Coluche: this is the story of a guy … still popular – Public Good

It is a graveyard of great banality. Surrounded by three major roads in the XIV th district and the terrible Paris ring, the cemetery of Montrouge, south of the capital, is not a poem. And yet. For 30 years Coluche rests there, a few hundred meters from the ‘Solo’, the building where he lived most of his youth.

In the large garden of 16 000 concessions, alongside his grave , it can not be invented, that of Michel Audiard and Albert Simonin, the “fathers” of Tontons gunslingers or that of the painter Nicolas de Stael and the writer Henri Queffélec. “But the burial Coluche is by far the one we are asked most often, almost every day,” said the keeper of the premises. Since the funeral celebrated by Father Peter before all the French showbiz, marble and granite vault has ceased to be flowery. “These are anonymous, French, Swiss, Belgians, many recipients of heart Eating, sometimes homeless, who service them,” remarks the municipal agent, often confronted with unusual situations.

Snacks from the grave

He remembers the visits of this fan of sixties just unfold table and camping chair at the foot of the cellar in lunchtime: “one day he offered me a red gun, saying: you know, Coluche was my friend, I’m happy to come and eat next to him.” And then there is the biker community, it has lost its strongest supporter in 1986. Before leaving, the black jackets lay a flower, others a roller, a plate, a personal creation, or a note denouncing social injustice. There was a time where there was everything on the grave of the comedian. The family had to affix a sign to remind the most wacky order.

Some of the fans continued the pilgrimage to the city center of Montrouge, Liberation Square, where the city has a statue there five years. A bronze of 120 kg without arms or face. Just overalls like this robe that Rodin had sculpted in honor of Balzac. The work recalls the man, and especially the void he has left.

“His memory is alive. 30 years after his death, his humor is still relevant, “analyzes the mayor of Montrouge Jean-Loup Metton.

The town, which is also the home of Jean-Jacques Goldman,” the other pillar “Heart of the Eating has never hidden his pride at having seen grow Coluche. The time when young Michael Colucci was 400 Solidarity street shots faded in favor of ever greater local pride.

Rubeo Monte, the brewery before which the statue was installed , regular visitors come for a coffee or a beer on the terrace, the time to admire the object and remember the exploits of comic big heart. “We can not imagine what this guy did for France. It was more than a star, he was a saint, “said one of them, a cup in hand.

Then there’s that neighbor each morning welcomes the bronze by the way. “At first I thought it was a tic then I had to go to the obvious: there are people who say hello to him,” confesses the waitress who used to converse with fans artist disappeared. Coluche would have called it a story … of worship.


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