Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bud Spencer, gross tender of Italian cinema, has died – Liberation

Its name evokes reruns afternoon statutory holidays, VHS garish covers and grates night from the depths of DTT: the Italian actor Bud Spencer died Monday in Rome at the age of 86, surrounded by his family.

his real name Carlo Pedersoli, this native of Naples XXL size (1.92 m, 125 kg) was champion water polo and swimming in the 50 participating even twice at the Olympics in the Italian colors.

Spencer is best known for her duet with fellow Terence Hill (real name Mario Girotti) with which he shot a score of popular movies, spaghetti western ( They call Me Trinity ) to the action comedy ( Crime Busters ). Like most Italian actors of the time when Italian cinema was distributed worldwide, he opted for an Anglo-Saxon pseudonym paying tribute to Budweiser and actor Spencer Tracy.

slaps distributor Magistral, as the following excerpt from the classic they call Me Trinity shows, Spencer had a stature close to Obelix, and we like also to imagine what would have given an adaptation of Asterix and his sidekick with him Terence Hill, who had also lent his features to Lucky Luke in the 90s.

Singer in his spare time, Bud Spencer released his first album ( Futtetenne ) not later than January 2016. Ten tracks particularly painful to listen, many in French ( Paris night, Josephine Whenever ) . Yes, Spencer sang very badly, and one can assume that no one dared to point out for fear of taking a wad-snitch.

From Berlin, surrounded by François Hollande and Angela Merkel, Prime Italian Minister Matteo Renzi paid tribute Monday by tweeting: “Ciao Bud Spencer, we have you all so much.” Australian actor Russell Crowe also went his tribute ( “RIP Bud Spencer … My heart is with your family” ) rather logical: in May at Cannes, he caused a sensation with the Italian press taking as a compliment compared with Bud Spencer on the occasion of the presentation of the friendly buddy-movie the Nice Guys .

Explorer filmography of Bud Spencer is the assurance that nothing sketch smiles ‘reading improbable french titles ( Even angels eat Beans, Amigo, my colt has a word with you, Captain Malabar said the bomb ) sometimes less crazy than the Italian original titles ( the sheriff Charly and aliens to Uno sceriffo alien … poco extra e molto Earth ). In the last decade, the actor has been quiet on camera, especially playing small roles in new films in France or Italian TV productions.

Human Right convinced he had presented to regional elections in 2006 in Lazio, the region of Rome, under the label of the party of Silvio Berlusconi, his daughter has since joined. We prefer to remember him as a towering figure in every sense of popular cinema. And we will leave the final word to the site Nanarland, specialist sympathetic bad movies: “None of his films appears on Nanarland and due, point nanar here but voluntarily schoolboy films that often overflowing of Action unarmed rigolarde of clumsy situations and good feelings. But all with a first degree amused both large and small. “

Alexandre Hervaud


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