Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Star Wars VIII: Mark Hamill as he has said too much about the future of Luke? – Le Figaro

A simple phrase dropped by the player in the future of his character, at a conference in London, has caused confusion in the minds of many fans of the saga. A runaway which the actor wished a speedy end.

Once again, the language of actor Mark Hamill almost pitchfork. Guest this week in London to host a conference on the pop-culture, one that embodies Luke Skywalker in 1977 ventured to answer some questions about the evolution of shooting Star Wars VIII Derian Johnson ( Looper ). An exercise that was more perilous than it appeared to the 64 year old actor.

The actor gave a cryptic sentence about the future of his character. That has been enough to spread on the Internet a string of rumors of all kinds.

“I finished episode 8, and then I find myself unemployed.” In an apparent neutrality in itself the phrase dropped by Mark Hamill has had more impact it could imagine.

Internet users have thus precipitated on social networks, then imagining all sorts of possible scenarios. Questions come. Luke Skywalker will he die in the eighth installment of the saga? Or he will be well interpreted by another actor in the future? Is it a disguised way of saying that the new generation of Jedi played by Daisy Ridley and John Boyega will bury the clan resistant, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford?

So many questions that Mark Hamill strongly desired … not answer. The actor certainly taken into consideration the extent of his awkwardness. Hamill was therefore held to rectify in his own way. “I used the word ‘unemployment’ only to indicate that the shooting of the episode will soon be completed. Stop you think too much, “said he wrote on his Twitter account.

The Jedi lightsaber catch them as they can. Mark Hamill seems to have succeeded. And if the rumors that revolve around the character of Luke Skywalker, it will in any case wait until 15 December 2017 to close the debate.


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