Saturday, June 11, 2016

Euro: supporters “united for the feast of football” fan in bald areas – Le Parisien


‘is true that there are few people” fan in high-security areas, the expected crowd was not at the rendezvous of the opening match of the Euro-2016, but the french fans jumped for joy when Dimitri Payet snatched victory in the final minutes
. “they are slowly: this is normal, they roam but they will at least in the final.” Franck, 30, rejoices at the final whistle, amid jubilant French in the fan zone of Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Between 41,000 and 45,000 spectators. took place in front of the giant screens of the center of the capital to attend France-Romania, far from its maximum capacity of 92,000 people, according to police department that has not reported incidents.
” it was too expensive to go to the stadium, so I came here it was outdoors, there is the atmosphere, I did not see the Euro opening match in a bar, “s enthusiasm Thibault, 23, her hair gathered in a tricolor crest
Repeat “Marseillaise”, foosball, selfies front of the Eiffel Tower. the atmosphere is festive and family in the presence of many foreign fans, English, Irish and Swedish in particular, although the patrols of gendarmes recall that the Euro is organized in a very high jihadist attacks threat environment.
“I came yesterday for the opening concert, j ‘I found the forces of order really vigilant. We see that it is very secure. I have not been afraid to come back, “reflects Roxane, Paris 23 years.
” The attacks, you think about it but they really put the means. If terrorists want to type, it’s also that they will do, “said the young brunette woman, wearing the jersey of the France team.
” This is the opening match, we want to show that is all there, all united behind our team. This is a good opportunity to party. We will not stop living, stay home to watch TV because of the attacks, “adds Eymeric, 24, the tricolor painted on his cheeks.” If we win, we fall shirt, everyone will love, there will be no single “
-” Avoid psychosis “-
Palpations, searches of bags, luggage past the scanner, surveillance cameras: the authorities have deployed all an arsenal to ensure the safety of the event, in the fan zones of Paris and Saint-Denis, but also in the provinces.
“is filtered, looking for prohibited items,” explains Adil, an official security controls in Marseille, which can accommodate 80,000 people by the sea but only had a few thousand spectators.
“You know, all that Belfast police presence remember it ten years ago. But you can never have 100% security. People have to accept it, that’s all, “says Place Bellecour in Lyon fan zone which hosted 14,000 fans as mayor, Terry Stevenson, 69, arrived Tuesday in Northern Ireland.
“do not fall into psychosis: the football party today,” Leon approves Raza, 56, came to New Caledonia with his wife
But if the Blues fans tremble. this is especially retrospective fear of facing the French difficult to win against Romania.
“Deschamps will take them some ears,” hopes to halftime, Paterne, 33, came with his wife
Romanian side, the supporters who chanted “Romania” the whole game, believed to victory after equalization of Bogdan Stancu. “Before the game, I thought it was impossible, but there Romania plays really well: we will win, “says Ruben, baker, who has lived for two years in France
Until the strike Payet, who has dampened hopes and liberated the French fans!.. “It was expected but we have had this goal,” yells Davis, 19, while behind the Eiffel Tower glows blue-white-red.


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