“Trollhunters” series of Guillermo del Toro. – DreamWorks / NetFlix

it is now ten years since Guillermo Del Toro, the director of Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) and Crimson Peak (2014) works with
 DreamWorks. “We must especially me death of characters as the father of the hero of How to Train Your Dragon 2 and the mother of Kung Fu Panda ” jokes guest at film festival ‘ Annecy animation. Both comfortable in independent productions and at major studios, Del Toro has made its place in Hollywood. “In large companies, I learned the double meaning of the word” no, “he laughed again. This is the one you’re told all the time, but the producers refuse to understand when it is you who pronounce it. “

” Animation should be treated with respect “

Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks boss, do the milking cavalier fashion. “Guillermo has such a clear vision of the films he sees, the developers claim its opinion that he does not mince words,” he says. Thanks to several “fuck” and other names of birds, says the jovial Mexican works, not hesitating to cut already moving scenes when it has to streamline the entire film. “I consider animation as a medium and not a genre. I think it should be treated with respect, “he says, triggering a round of applause during his Master Class at the Annecy Festival.

animated debut

When it does not treat other people’s films, Guillermo Del Toro is working on his own series, Trollhunters, that oversees passionately. “I do not accept a project if I’m not ready to die for him,” he insists. These adventures of a young human boy discovering he faces strange creatures in a mysterious world are not the debut of filmmaker in animation. “When I was a kid, I made short films with my Super 8 camera One of them told the story of a potato who killed family, then was hit by a car,” recalls -he.

A visual Trollhunters
A visual Trollhunters – DreamWorks / Netflix

to be more ambitious than its

Today, the filmmaker believes that some of its live action films are so packed with special effects as they become almost animation. Trollhunters Production for DreamWorks Netflix that will air in December, seemed in the logic of things. “Artists have a lot of freedom on the project, he welcomes. We are being more ambitious than our budget and the result, both psychologically rich and full of action, makes me very happy. “The extracts shown exclusively in Annecy are indeed spectacular. “Like any good Mexican, I love that shines, the complex mechanisms and fights” says Guillermo Del Toro.

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