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Tray: treat the lower level with philosophy – Le Point

The refrain is known, the baccalaureate level drops with the candidates. The Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, during the presentation of the 2016 baccalaureate Monday recalled with irony that the requirements of the tray are not so simple to measure, giving the example of a math test S. But what set for the main event of the L series, philosophy, literary inviting candidates to think for themselves under the threat of a factor 7!

candidates working aujourd ‘hui for four hours on the proof of philosophy, probably one of the most feared, most certainly fantasized tests. Comparing philosophy topics of L chain, deemed disaster, focus themes for graduates aspiring to more than 60 years apart allow to take the problem from another angle. Reims The academy offers to plunge into the philosophy of subjects given between 1925 and 1950. An exercise even more challenging than the philosophical issues and concepts are timeless.

Philosophical Topics of past and today

This year, candidates from the L series have been working on “is the desire for unlimited Nature? “. In 1936, the desire is declining in another form: “The love of others is it a form of love of self? “

In 2015, one of the topics asked: “Respect every living being, is it a moral duty? “The real question, at a time when the buzz is provided by high poultry videos batteries or of cute cats. But it probably is not essential, though mysterious, “Duty and love” proposed in 1946. Some candidates still plancheraient above.

Philosophy of work or “pleasure rest”

“Should we do everything to be happy? “(2014) had to create cases of conscience and escape cravings for all candidates locked in the examination rooms. In 1932, the subject invited to explain and comment, “applying it to life, the thought of Joubert: Instead of complaining about what the rose has thorns, I welcome what spine is topped with roses and bush door flowers “. But take life with philosophy may vary: in 1940, it was necessary to reflect the quote from Cicero: “If you own a garden and a library, it is not gonna miss anything.” Yes, but what about the latest smartphone, so essential to our lives?

“Science is she simply finds the facts? “Questioning subjects designers in 2013. The yes or no does not suffice for the oddest subjects on knowledge such as” How do we know our own bodies? “Or” The soul detached from the body she could feel emotions? . “(1939)

In 2012, we asked the question:” What is gained by working? “Nose Foot, in 1939, the philosophy proposed candidates to reflect on” The pleasure of rest. ” That perspective is

level drop.
Truth and relativity

In fact, the most serious studies on the lower level measure scientific, or the level spelling and grammar students. The Pisa study in 2012 assessed the math skills and reading comprehension among students 15 to 16 years from 31 OECD member countries, but the results do not allow to close the debate in the absence of evaluation methods unified and old studies. The question of the lower level is a little reflection, as the candidates of 1939, on the topic “What is a true idea? “Or, 10 years later,” What sense does it give this statement that all truth is relative? “. In short, we do not see more clearly.

Especially as a way level students usually do not mean much if we consider that in 1948 30 000 young got the ferry, twice in 1930, but compared with 617,900 graduates received last year, or 87.8% of the candidates. With this figure, 77.2% of a generation access this degree today. Against just 1% in 1880. Relative Truth, QED.


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