Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thousands of visitors walk the walkways Christo – Le Figaro

Thousands of visitors stormed Saturday, June 18 the yolk floating pontoons created by the artist to run the public on the water of Lake Iseo in northern Italy.

Just open the gateways installed by the artist Christo to run the public on the water of Lake Iseo, in northern Italy, were quickly saturated. The most motivated, who had spent the night there, set foot shortly before 8:00 (0600 GMT) on these “pontoons” orange yellow three kilometers joining the Monte Isola island and that, tiny, San Paolo.

Until July 3, day and night, the organizers expect about 25,000 visitors a day on weekdays and 40,000 on weekends, for a total of about half a million Italians and tourists from around the world, in this relatively remote and usually peaceful.

But according to press estimates, the site has seen up to 55,000 people on Saturday. By early afternoon, the limit of 11,000 people on the bridges has been reached and the tail is elongated at the entrance, under a blazing sun.

Dozens of minor discomfort were recorded in the crowd, and from the central control room, Christo advised the public to come another day. From 17:00 (1500 GMT), the movement of trains to the lake has been suspended.

“It’s like being on a boat”

These trains had accused a hour late in the morning due to sabotage on the railway line by opponents of the Beretta family, owner of the small island of San Paolo and one of the country’s main arms factories.

In the late afternoon, the rain and wind came to join in the confusion, forcing organizers to order at 7:00 p.m. (1700 GMT) the temporary evacuation bridges become too unstable. They were open at night, but thunderstorms announced for Sunday midday could again spoil the party.


Among the visitors who took the plant Saturday, many have removed their shoes to feel the best experience “very physical” promised by the artist who had wrapped the Pont Neuf in Paris and the Reichstag in Berlin. “It’s like being on a boat, it sways, it’s fun,” summarized Agata, 12, told reporters. Came with her family from Bergamo, she was gone into the night by car to arrive at dawn.

€ 15 million needed to install

As for each work Christo, the visit is free: the 15 million euros needed for installation were funded through the sale of preparatory drawings and models. “It’s a great feeling, I am very satisfied with the result, which is the result of collaboration of all institutions, to also ensure the safety of hundreds of thousands of people who will walk on water,” said the President of the Lombardy region, Roberto Maroni.

for the image of a beach, bridges have no railings and no life jacket door. But security is ensured permanently by 150 people on the walkways and 30 lifeguards lifeguards around.


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