Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nagui: Mocked by colleagues at France Inter, he replied curtly … – Pure People

Guest in Direct Grand Media on Europe 1 on June 9 Nagui compared the salary he receives on France Inter station of public service, to volunteer. A little phrase that went wrong with his colleagues at Radio France, who have responded in song, song Enfoirés way for the facilitator “ finally makes his living .” A song that Nagui has hardly appreciated. He replied on Twitter dryly.

Entitled Saving Nagui! and interpreted by the hosts and columnists France Inter, which Nicolas Demorand Charline Vanhoenacker, Patricia Martin and Rebecca Manzoni, this song is a funny answer that pungent than that present as Remember the words and Everybody wants to take his place on France 2. on the air charity single SOS Ethiopia , the Inter voices sing: “ Nothing goes to Nagui / It’s hard life / volunteer / leader in our hearts and in our eyes / Inter as on France 2 / Nagui gradually dying / just a song for her / for him to earn a living / Maint’nant we all Nagui. “The host had said on Europe 1: “ This is a volunteer can not talk about salary This is a defray …”


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