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Black Diamond: the assumed cinematic references – L’Express

Overcoming failures

The first feature Arthur Harari was to be a kind of naturalistic western, minimalist, the story of an ex-con who runs towards the Spain. “I was hoping for Jacques Dutronc the central role, but the project fell apart,” he laments. A producer, fan of his medium length film The hand over the mouth , offers him a turning film: “It was an opportunity to reconnect with my first love, my desire to cinema date Warner retrospective at the Pompidou. I was 10, I swore by Bogart … “

Expand the type

” If the black film provides immediate pleasure, it is also a gateway to address profound themes, “said the filmmaker. The subject of Black Diamond ? On the death of a father he is little known, discarded from a rich family, a young burglar moved to Antwerp with his uncle. “Revenge, father of the face: all subjects present in Hamlet I propose a variation I anchored my tragedy at the diamond I have done extensive research in order to infuse.. a documentary dimension. ”

Assume references

When the hero sets out its case project to his partner, he closes his eyes. appears behind the long corridor of the workshop. A process borrowed from Blow Out , De Palma, when Travolta displays an accident while listening to a soundtrack. “I take my references. My film is like a house that I would have furnished with Melville, Leone, old Hollywood thriller, giallo’s too traumatic for the opening. I wanted to show through my love of movies for free however being in imitation. ”

Daring colors

Arthur Harari told the photo film to his older brother, Tom, op chief Katell Quillévéré or Guillaume Brac. “We work together for our first short in Super 8.” That is they both have agreed to the image. “Conventional Minnelli was reviewed for its flamboyant colors. It has also asked the chief to find us deco reflective surfaces. We wanted something very intense in the light. The idea was to depart from realism as if it was operating in the mental universe of the character. ”

Soak actors

“When I played in The Battle of Solferino , Justine Triet, my companion, I have observed with his actors. she seems not to direct them, or it takes them into his world. I tried to do the same here. ” For the role of mentor, filmmaker Abdellatif Kechiche contacted. “He refused, but it was he who gave me the name of Abdel Hafed Benotman. An amazing guy, who was seventeen years in prison.” The actor, alas, died after shooting. The film is dedicated to him.

Black Diamond , Arthur Harari, with Niels Schneider … Released: June 8


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