Sunday, June 12, 2016

VIDEO. ONPC: the drunken Nicolas Ker composer creates discomfort – Le Parisien

He gets up to join the famous chair where guests are interviewed and explodes missing ground walking. Lunar time on the set of the show “You’re not lying” when passing the composer Nicolas Ker. Little known to the general public (if any), the musician rocker look on the back, a member of Poni Hoax group, has written music for the trailer of the latest movie “Peshmerga” Bernard-Henri Levy. This time, he was invited to promote his new album “The Suburbs exile”.

VIDEO. ONPC: The composer Nicolas Ker creates discomfort when passing

As soon as he arrives to ask in the chair and after releasing a dark reflection on women causing an awkward silence, Laurent Ruquier asked with a laugh, just to lighten the mood, “You drink too much may Nicolas?” the flayed replied tit for tat “so what? “And to specify in a slurred whisper” because I can not stand me. ” “I do not think in our society. I took a long time to get rid of that offered me society. “He adds. And follows a litany of phrases without sense or outright reflections inconclusive … Almost ten minutes from discomfort, punctuated by silences as contrite view of other guests. Belgian comic Nawell Madani is also the only interact (some) to relax (a little too) the atmosphere.

By the end of the interview, Laurent Ruquier asked “You who are shy, how do you go on stage? “. “Because I am an alcoholic,” retorts the musician, exploding with laughter. The sequence ends with a final episode grotesque, when the singer gets up and tries to sing one of his songs.

“You’ve not often on television, I think we are in remember, “concludes Laurent Ruquier, ending (early or not) to maintenance. Inevitably, the episode makes the joy of social networks, ideal terrain for comment on the issue on Saturday evening. “For once, one more drunk invited those watching #ONPC at 2:10.” Laughs including Adele Breau.

in the brain of Nicolas Ker. # / qgQn3Jn3xh


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