Thursday, June 16, 2016

Policemen killed in Magnanville: tribute to Renaud – Le Figaro

The French singer wanted to send a gesture of solidarity with the municipal police of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, where he lives part of the year, to honor the memory of John the Baptist Salvaing and Jessica Schneider.

“the police are protectors of the rule of law, protective lambdas citizens, people who are responsible for our security and the fight against all forms of crime. “in an interview a month ago at the police headquarters, Renaud passed a” message of friendship “to the men in blue.

After two police officers, Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and Jessica Schneider, were killed by the terrorist Larossi Abballa Magnanville Yvelines, Monday, June 13, Renaud wanted to honor them. Bouquet of flowers in hand, the interpreter of Always up was thus made in the offices of the Municipal Police of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in the Vaucluse department in order to affirm its full support to law enforcement.

a strong gesture from the old “eater cops,” which once again shows the esteem that the door police from the 11 January 2015. a drama that inspired the artist to compose the song I kissed a cop , from his latest album in which he sings these words: “J ‘would not have believed it was thirty years ago, instead of swinging their arms turn paved, I serrerais in one against me. “

at the police station of L’Isle-sur-la -Sorgue, commune in which the singer stood for fifteen years, Renaud also took the pose alongside a dozen policemen, the mine marked by the disappearance of two of their colleagues.


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