Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trailer Infiltrator: When Bryan Cranston infiltrates the drug cartels … – Screenrush

Bryan Cranston continues to amaze us with his choice of roles. Former Walter White Breaking Bad camped in Infiltrator an agent who infiltrated in the 80s one of Pablo Escobar’s organizations. September 7 cinema.

drug dealer to undercover agent, there is a step. Bryan Cranston, the former Walter White Breaking Bad, holding the headlining Infiltrator, an intense thriller set in the 80s, while Pablo Escobar puts Colombia in fire and blood and that her merchandise is flourishing in the United States. The actor embodies Robert Mazur, a necessary agent to infiltrate with Diane Kruger and John Leguizamo Colombian drug cartel to stop the right arm of El Patrón (played by Benjamin Bratt). A risky game as shown in this trailer 100 per hour, between deceit, bling bling and gambling.

Shirt vintage mustache and rigor, Bryan Cranston portrays a character again who really existed (after Dalton Trumbo biopic). Infiltrator is indeed the big screen adaptation of the autobiography of Robert Mazur. His mission ? Dismantle the corrupt system of banks who launder dirty money of Baron. While films about drug cartels are numerous (latest in the Sicario Denis Villeneuse) Infiltrator decides to treat a financial angle, in all its splendor and decadence.

This thriller is also an opportunity to meet Diane Kruger at the screen, which only appeared recently in movies at more modest production ( Sky, Maryland …) and Benjamin Bratt, much too quiet in recent years.

Infiltrator , immersed in a cartel to discover on 7 September.


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