Sunday, June 19, 2016

Coluche revolutionary laughter, without heirs 30 years after his death – Liberation

“Coluche is Coluche! It is irreplaceable! “. Thirty years after the death of the comedian, his peers including Guy Bedos he called “Dad” are unanimous. No comedian has taken up the torch of his cheeky humor and popular

– Guy Bedos. ‘A Gavroche laughter of peuple’-

“Coluche was a kind of popular Pierrot a Gavroche laughter of the people on television, on theater boards and in films. We shared a certain insolence. He called me Papa + +. It is an irreplaceable character and has no substitute. Coluche was coluche! Point. He brought on stage this popular humor and he embodied that is not found today. As said Desproges, do not confuse comedy and comedians. Today, there are many more comic than comedy “

– Stéphane Guillon.” His insolence fascinated me ‘-

“The contribution of Coluche is undeniable even today, there are formulas, phrases that have become cults, which is very rare. No other comedian knows that. Coluche had grace. His insolence fascinated me, with a real endangered. He said aloud what is whispered. With unprecedented violence, he had many detractors. We canonize comedians once dead. Today in this sclerotic society Coluche would have been a golden age. Transgression is always interesting in those periods “

– Anne Roumanoff. ‘A very French banter’ –

” Coluche was not replaced. Nobody has managed to unite as he did social criticism, managing to express what people thought, so both direct and subtle. Coluche was a representative of the people and an incarnation of the middle class, with a very French banter. His texts are outdated, with very efficient valves. It was the reflection of an era, he personified the protest May 68. It is very French, critic, ever satisfied and mostly dupe of nothing. The public has understood: Coluche keeps a special place in the hearts of the French “

– Pierre Benichou. ‘Coluche is quoted as La Fontaine’ –

” Coluche is so entered in the customs that the quote as La Fontaine, Corneille, generation after generation. Coluche has been a forerunner in excess of humor songwriter. He has no heir: all believe we can do the Coluche! His humor was both popular and terribly drawn very written. With courage, he opened the floodgates of humor, with total freedom, war against political correctness. Now some of his sketches undoubtedly pose problems for grumpy. Above all, he hated it takes the French for idiots. Coluche was more left than anyone enclosed in a left party! He liked to find solutions to the problems: the success of the Restos du Coeur is unfortunately the biggest failure of Coluche … “

– Olivier Mongin. ‘Social revolution of laughter’ –

“Coluche made the social revolution of laughter speaking of society, of everyday life. He impressed the first one can laugh things that General de Gaulle, “says the essayist Olivier Mongin, former director of Esprit magazine, and author of a reference book” What do we laugh ? The Company and its comic “(Plon, 2006). “With Coluche, it is always on the verge of irony and sarcasm. His humor is very anarchist, heralding that of Canal +. Anyone can get into his sketches and his kind words. The great strength of Coluche, trained in the school of the dinner theater was a popular language and bodily humor. Current comedians fail to do them. “



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