Monday, June 6, 2016

The closely watched Inter Book Prize 2016 Tristan Garcia for “7″ – francetv info

This book was selected in the fourth round of voting after six hours of deliberation, said the president of the jury, Agnès Desarthe on France Inter. “I am very happy”, said Tristan Garcia.

“7″ Tristan Garcia, between fiction novel, philosophical thriller, love story …

A master in the art of telling stories, the young author, 35, plays with all kinds of novel: anticipation, thriller, love story. philosophical book by the questions it raises – the heart of the novel raises the question of the human condition – it is also a novel that readers will be hard to let go as the style of Tristan Garcia is clear and stories – even most improbable -. captivating
in the first of seven novels that make up the book of nearly 600 pages, the narrator uses a new drug that can turn back time. Tristan Garcia then takes us into the world of rock and origins of creation. The third story is set in the world of fashion where we discover with amazement the secret of the woman most beautiful face in the world. It will also issue of extraterrestrials, immortality, religion, communalism and resurrection.

Change the number 7

The seventh story, the longest of the novel, is a hero character who invariably bleeds gallons of blood on the day of her seventh birthday. We took him to hospital where, each time, a nurse named Fran awaits the coming of “the child that bleeds” as the Messiah. This bleeding is a sign of immortality.

The seven chapters of this story tell seventh seven of the life of this man who every new birth remembers his past lives, successes and failures. At the sixth life of “the child that bleeds”, the child is an adult writer. It tells six stories that begin the book.

The jury of the book Inter was chaired this year by the novelist Agnès Desarthe. It consists of 24 auditors (12 men and 12 women) of the radio public service. Created in 1975, the Book Award Inter usually attracts a strong popular appeal. Last year the prize was awarded to Valerie Zenatti for “Jacob, Jacob” (L’Olivier), a novel exploring the Algerian memory through the portrait of Jacob, a young Jew from Constantine enlisted in June 1944 to liberate France Nazis.


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