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Xbox One S, Project Scorpio, Anniversary Update: Microsoft is full of ads E3 – Next INpact

Microsoft takes into tonight’s sacrosanct preliminary conference at E3. The Redmond company unveiled its new Xbox One S will be sold for 299 euros and referred its Project Scorpio. The editor also takes the opportunity to (re) introduce many games.

Microsoft will soon release one of its biggest evening announcements. Phil Spencer has indeed confirmed the rumors around the Xbox One S. White is presented as 40% smaller than the current Xbox One , even if the dimensions were not disclosed.

Xbox One S: smaller 4K UHD, HDR and new controller, from 299 euros

The manufacturer states that its supply is integrated, good news for those who wanted to get rid of the huge block of the current version. Of course, “ all games, accessories and Xbox Live will work with the new Xbox One S “says the manufacturer.

other improvements offered by this model, it is question of support for 4K video content and HDR, certainly through an HDMI 2.0 port. The joystick is also changing smoothly, with the addition of a textured grip on the rear and increased its scope. Its price remains the same: 59.99 dollars

A vertical support was also mentioned, optional to 19.99 dollars.. As for the specific port to Kinect, it disappears in the battle, even if the sensor is compatible with the console through a USB adapter. For those who already have Kinect, it will be “ Free ‘, but it remains to be seen under what conditions. Some small adjustments have been made: a USB port and the association button go to the front and found more receiver “IR Blaster”

 Xbox One S  Xbox One S

side tariff, there is talk of at least 299 euros for the 500 GB version, with variations 1TB (349 euros ) and 2TB (limited edition of 399 euros in some countries only). Launch expected in August for the latter, the versions of 500 GB and 1 TB “ arriving later “, without further detail.

Many system side additions, Xbox Design Lab for customization

Mike Ybarra, head of the Xbox platform, took the stage to present the upcoming new additions to the console software, the famous Anniversary Update, and are relatively numerous. There is particular about power play music in the background, choose the language of a game regardless of the region of residence and integration of Cortana.

At the community level, Microsoft highlights the possibility of forming groups called guilds to meet players with similar interests. A group of research module is also provided, but the biggest piece is called Arena. It is a platform to facilitate the organization of tournaments on the console. Wargaming and Electronic Arts are already in line to integrate their securities to the platform

Another expected novelty. The arrival of Win32 games in the Xbox Live online shop. This summer, several titles will be added as and Microsoft promises to add more each month. They enjoy the same features that games Xbox One , including video clips on the sharing and use of voice chat.

The manufacturer has quickly raised its Xbox Design Lab, a site to purchase a joystick Xbox one customizing each of its elements. Microsoft claims a range of 8 million possibilities, but at an unknown rate.

 Xbox Design Lab

Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3: cross-play and cross-buy program

now Place Gears of War 4 that shows through a new gameplay video, which finally reveals not much more than those presented at previous conferences. By cons, we learn that the title will be available in cross-buy and cross-play Xbox One and Windows 10 . The launch is announced for 11 October.

Then there Killer instinct and Forza Horizon 3 which both have been entitled to a short presentation. Again Microsoft highlights the ability to play on both PC (with Windows 10 ) or on his favorite console. For Killer Instinct , the novelty comes down to adding new characters, including General Raam Gears of Wars . On Forza Horizon 3 , Microsoft explains that this time the adventure will take place on the other side of the world, Australia, with races on the beach and in the middle of the desert large areas of the country .

Square Enix also came on stage to present (again) Final Fantasy XV and announce its launch date: the appointment is made by 30 September next

From Gwent in Tekken 7

The french studio Compulsion Games ( Contrast ) was able to go on stage to present his latest creation. We Happy Few . This is a game “ paranoia and survival ” set in an alternative past heavily inspired by Brave New World Aldous Huxley. Everyone takes drugs to seem happy and those who do not bend to the Convention passed a dirty fifteen minutes if they get picked … and you’re just one of them. The title will be available in Early Access on Xbox One on 26 July.

CD Project Red has made a short appearance on stage to present Gwent , the card game of the Witcher will have the right to its own standalone Xbox one , with current beta launch in September.

Place then Tekken 7 presented by Harada in person. Following a short movie tick, a first launch date is mentioned: beginning in 2017 Xbox One and Windows 10 . There was no mention of any exclusivity, which still leaves the field in a version PlayStation 4 can -being presented later in the evening.

Always Nippon side, Dead Rising has 4 also makes a brief appearance, waiting for its launch next Christmas.

Halo Wars 2, Sea of ​​Thieves, State of Decay 2, Microsoft is full of exclusives

It was unthinkable to see a Microsoft conference without mentioning the saga Halo 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have thus unveiled Halo Wars 2, with a short movie accompanied tick some gameplay images. It will be of course a strategy game in real time as the first part of this series. Launch planned February 21, 2017 in cross-buy Xbox One and Windows 10 .

Rare also had the right has its moment of glory with the presentation of Sea of ​​Thieves , a multiplayer game in which the teams compete in a naval battle. The tricky part is that each team form the crew of one ship. The division of roles and organization between different positions on board will be paramount as it would for example not the charge of the bar and the sails are contradictory. No date has been mentioned yet.

Recore E3 2016

Recore which had already glimpsed last year has also shown more widely today with some gameplay images and a launch date: September 13, 2016. same principle for State of Decay 2 that is against contented movie tick to announce his arrival stream in 2017.

Scalebound was finally widely shown with a long gameplay video showing a fight between a group of players and a much too big bosses to be faced alone. Again, it comes to cross-Play and Cross-buy between Xbox One and Windows 10 , with a launch in 2017.

Minecraft goes cross-platform with its Realms

Minecraft held today the right to a new update, the “Friendly update” including offering new opportunities to play several including among people with different platforms. The demonstration was made on stage with a player on iOS, another Android, one John Carmack with Gear VR screwed on the head and another under Windows 10 .

The possibilities are still quite limited since it necessarily involves leasing a dedicated server Minecraft Realms. Coincidentally, these are available free for users of version Windows 10 title. For fans of the console versions of the title, patience is still appropriate.

Project Scorpio finally shows … but come the end of 2017

After one hour and half suspense, Phil Spencer finally entered the stage to introduce the next console from Microsoft: Project Scorpio. The manufacturer presents as capable of bringing “ real gaming 4K ” in salons and have enough power under the hood to support virtual reality games. An asset that is still missing in the Xbox One now

 Xbox Project Scorpio  Xbox Project Scorpio

Some figures are advanced, among them a power of total calculation 6 TFLOPS, or about four times better than the current version offers Xbox one , with the use of a new GPU, but always with an 8-core processor.

in comparison, the GeForce GTX 1070 is given for 6.5 TFLOPS, against 9 TFLOPS for the GTX 1080. the RAM will operate a bandwidth of 320 GB / s, just like the 1080 GTX (GTX 1070 256 GB / s for its part). In any case, it should nonetheless to put that in perspective once we have all the information concerning the technical characteristics of this new platform. There will be time to make comparisons.

Patience will be by cons of setting before putting their hands on this new toy, whose launch is scheduled for late 2017, but the studios will be able to already receive their development kits.


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