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All cats are gray: Bouli Lanners’ find much in this old teenager character “- Screenrush

Meeting with Bouli Lanners and Savina Dellicour, lead actor and director of tying all cats are gray, in theaters this week.

In the feature film All cats are gray in theaters this week, the Belgian actor Bouli Lanners plays a private detective decided to reconnect with his daughter 16, which he knows to be the biological father. Except that nothing will happen as he imagined … Meeting with the actor and director Savina Dellicour to evoke this work on endearing father figure, winning in Santa Barbara and sucked pretty public in flat country.

Screenrush: the genesis of “All cats are gray” is original, since the writing of the film began in England

. Savina Dellicour: I actually lived in England when I started writing, I had my contacts in the industry, so I wanted to try to make a film there. But the idea of ​​this character of detective was earlier, I had it when I was in Belgium. In fact, when I was in England, I tried to write a story that goes a little anywhere, but it lacked a bit of reality. When I imagined the action in Belgium, where I grew up, all of a sudden, all the characters have come to life in a different way. Creatively, it was ultimately more interesting to make the film in Belgium. What is amusing is the end, certain references, such as Sherlock Holmes, work better in the Belgian version rather than the English version, because the reference is stifling. It was nice to take it back, using small English references from Belgium instead of making the film in England

Bouli Lanners. I loved Savina that has passed by England. I love this country, I love the Anglo-Saxon cinema, I thought it would be different to work with someone who followed a course there. And then I read the script, it was seen, we talked, I was confident, much has been made of the role.

What’s you seduced into the character of Paul

Bouli Lanners: what I like about the script is that it speaks of the paternity n ‘ is not fulfilling all. I’m not a dad, so it’s something that suited me well. The discovery of a paternity late, the theme was beautiful, we had never proposed to me, it interested me a lot to approach. Beyond this character a bit gruff detective, I liked the idea of ​​all this potential tenderness of the character. A tenderness that does not operate unless there …


How was working with Bouli

Savina Dellicour: For me it was exciting . I knew that by Bouli his films and I thought he had in him the tenderness in his eyes, that mischievous side at the base of the character of the detective. As an actor, it was a new challenge for him and it’s nice when you see something in a person, an actor, to pick this thing with a movie.

Bouli Lanners: I find myself much in character. A full levels. In music he listens to, in this side old teenager, when he fights in the bistro, for example. This kind of old teenager sided not to be found in many guys 50 years. I love this theme. It’s an interesting phenomenon, closely linked to today’s society.

The film also allows you to play as a detective …

Bouli Lanners: I read a lot of thrillers, I read all the classics featuring detectives. Today there are fewer in the thrillers because the profession has changed. But otherwise, it’s a single business. Spend days and nights in a jalopy to try mainly to discover adultery, with couples who do not work, are in doubt or distrust, while trying to build next to a healthy family life, it seems to me impossible for me. It is a job of extreme solitude, I would not want to become a detective!

To conclude, how to define “All cats are gray”, which is neither a drama nor a comedy …

Bouli Lanners: it’s hard, it’s true. This is not a drama, not a comedy either, because there is a dramatic part in the film. At the same time, it ends well. And it’s funny. It’s difficult … I would say it is a social drama, but which is opposed to something “Dardennien”. This is radically different

Savina Dellicour. What I remember, when the audience talk about the movie is that they were moved and they s ‘not expecting what they have seen. They felt to be drawn by hand in a little trick and they were surprised

The trailer of “All cats are gray”.

All Cats are Grey trailer


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