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Celine Dion (TMC): relive his love story with René Angélil (PHOTOS) – Tele

“No one can imagine how Céline is demolished from the inside, because it reveals nothing. It was of course prepared from Rene. she rode every stage tonight in Las Vegas, the knot in my stomach, not knowing if she would see the living his return . ” Michel Drucker, the friend of thirty years, remembers the Celine Dion duet and René Angélil as a “unique couple and fusion” . A couple that only death separated. René died January 14 at age 73 after sharing Celine’s life for three decades. All costs for his child Rene-Charles, Eddy and Nelson, “his proudest” , Celine must stay up, keep living. With courage, as she always has. For if René she started a family and built an empire, it also overcame many hardships. The fragile girl, who has long rested on his Pygmalion, turned into a strong woman when the health of it has deteriorated

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1981. The meeting … and forbidden love

Celine is 13 years old when she met her future husband. The manager impressed by her voice, decided to take her under his wing. Soon, the girl sees her prince charming. Seven years later, the passion still burns in the heart of Celine. As for his mentor, he seems to share his feelings. But it is her elder by 26 years … and “only he can decide if we talk about love or friendship” , as it already hums in 1983 in his first tube. In 1988, the night of the victory of Céline at Eurovision, he finally took the plunge and give him his first kiss. The beginning of a beautiful love story that will remain secret for five years.

1990. Céline loses his voice, René him in the way

Just after the release of his first album Unison , Celine loses his voice. “Therefore, René took things in hand, explains Quebec animator Julie Snyder, producing DVDs of his tours. He constraint months of silence and taking singing lessons. It had become his chief physician. “Two years later, it was she who saved his life. While the couple lounging at the poolside of a California hotel, Rene suffered a heart attack: “ At the time, no one knew they were together, says Julie Snyder. Celine immediately called for help, and followed him to the emergency room in a bikini. She was very responsive and that’s what saved him . ” After this warning, the couple does not want to wait. And married in great pomp in Montreal in 1994.

1999. Cancer separates a concert unites

Doctors diagnose at René cancer of the throat while Celine must make a new world tour. “She wanted to cancel everything” , remembers Gilbert Coullier, the producer of the show. René dissuaded by the “ But they find a way to stay together, explains Michel Drucker: “. They settle at the Stade de France for a satellite link that Rene can the view from his hospital room in Florida and talk to him in the atrium during the concert “and Julie Snyder added: “. Celine and had set him a code: when she touched the earlobe, when she put her hand on her heart … she made him get messages like “thinking of you”. Being well connected, they supported each other “

2001 Their biggest fight.. Start a family

To get around this cancer, René must follow a treatment that could make it sterile. Céline wants to save her husband without renouncing to start a family with him. She convinces him to deposit his seed in an institute, waiting for better days. René eventually heal and lovers renew their wedding vows in 2000. on 25 January 2001, the couple welcomed a little René-Charles, who will long only child for the following in vitro fertilization will end in failure Until miracle.. in October 2010 the twins Eddy and Nelson just enlarge the family.

2014. He knows he is condemned and selects another manager for Celine

“by December 2013 they learned the new cancer René” tells Gilbert Coullier. in June 2014, he knows he is convicted and chooses then Aldo Giampaolo, one of its employees, to replace him alongside Celine. Which wants to give concerts in Las Vegas (she signed with the Caesars Palace until 2019). But René begs: “It will be worse for me if you do not sing .” As fifteen years ago at the Stade de France, its medicalized room René connects to attend his wife’s concerts: “he did not speak, did not eat more than one, but at least he saw on stage. singing, she kept alive, she was his drug ,” said Michel Drucker. “It was a relief that he died in the evening, after the return of Celine says Julie Snyder. He wanted to die in his arms, he was heard

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Life after 2016 René

Rene Angelil’s funeral took place on January 22, at Notre-Dame in Montreal, the same place where the manager and the singer married:” Rene had everything to Celine n ‘ is no extra stress “ says Julie Snyder. For him, she continued to sing. Aldo Giampaolo, a longtime friend of the singer Céline manage since the death of René, according to the wishes of the latter. But it is rumored that in a few years it may be René-Charles the eldest son of the couple, now aged 15 who could become the manager mom …

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