Wednesday, June 22, 2016

As Benoite Groult, “I would say that nothing is more precarious than women’s rights” – The Huffington Post

Decline, whiff, repressed, back, relapse: Words in r of which could describe the current situation of women. Benoite Groult was right when she wrote: “To all those who live in the illusion that equality is gained and that history does not come back, I want to say that nothing is more precarious than the rights of women “*.

Feminism is attacked while he has never killed or perpetrated violence

Just observe what is happening around us to prove him right. Renegade laws against women. Praise the veil everywhere in Muslim lands, even in Europe. Pleading for Islamic fashion in the name of “female modesty”. Turkish advertising harems. virginity testing imposed on candidates for the police and army in Indonesia. Decree guaranteeing the marriage of Iranian girl at nine years. sexual slavery in Thailand. Women sold like cattle by Daech. Resurgence of the myth of virginity from the “devoted” to the North African Catholic resorting to restoration of the hymen. Cult virginal purity in American religious movements. Authorization to beat women in Pakistan. Questioning the right to abortion in countries in Europe. The list is long and the obvious decline. Yes. We are in times when there is no longer good to be a woman. And, in all latitudes, the Gulf of the French suburbs of Sana’a in Cologne.

So remember as to avert this fate, other words of Benoîte Groult. She said that feminism is attacked while he has never killed or perpetrated violence. She said he has come to be perceived as a blemish or insult when he helped liberate half of humanity. By what imposture did we get in there? How to explain the strong criticism against a liberation movement if not in favor of a patriarchy behind political propaganda, financial power or the religious reference, when it does not move openly? How admit this new way to explain the empowerment of women by discourses that assign them to the status of “second” and we praise the rusty formula of the eternal feminine?

A new start necessary for women

In the early fighting feminists succeeded condescending and suspicious sociologists, macho advertising, turbaned obsessed with control body and sexuality of women. Arab activists who, for nearly a century, fleeing from the male ferrule and drop the sail, succeeded falsely tolerant Western discourse that goes to allege that skirt is too alienating a niqab and after all, boast home for Muslim women is perhaps the solution that suits them, as if there were not this contempt, not respect for Muslim we are. Finally, to those who have been at the forefront of the struggle against the oppression of the female sex, is now opposed the defending an “Islamic feminism” that wants the solution of the future and that that cleave the cause of women, alienating the men’s ideologies and serve as a springboard for the clash of cultures.

That’s where we are. May the death of this great figure of universal feminism raise awareness and create a new start for women. Before it is too late.

* So it is of Benoîte Groult (Editions Grasset)

Fawzia Zouari has publish “The body of my mother” (Editions Gallimard)

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