Wednesday, June 15, 2016

/ Gaspard Proust: “The party, cocaine is not me” – The Progress

Is it a pleasure to play Octave Parango, this scout models, mundane and arrogant, that seems so far away from what you are?

“You’re the first to tell me that! People usually think: “It is cynical on stage, so it is cynical in life and we redid the shot cinema”. I go out very little, if at all. I do not party, I do not take cocaine, I time to time and rather wooden wine. I never woke up with fifteen girls in bed One already I sometimes have trouble. Specifically, Octavian is very far from me. I’d hate to go on holiday with him. That may be where the fun comes from the actor playing a guy found weak and hollow enough. After three years of TV and writing, it was perfect to clear my head. “

fashion, beauty, this is a world that fascinates you?

” This is a medium, I do not care dramatically. In front of fifty thousand small actresses and personalities who swoon at a parade, I’m either an absolute sarcasm, collapsed sadness. I find it tragic. Sometimes I wonder: is it really exciting when the guy, the kind of Botticelli fashion, on the podium to win applause at the end? I may be very stupid … “

That said, you are” fashionable “. How do you not become a night owl?

“I have the good fortune not to be naturally friendly. People do not rush me: there is an innate distance that suits me. And I have a problem: when I’m shit, it shows immediately and very strong. Ruquier home the other night, it was evident that even a curling competition would more excited me. So, we do not think of me for a social evening. Photographers know that it is difficult to tear myself a smile. Basically, I’ve created a protection system that I can find my house, sip herbal tea to 9 pm, before a REDIF This is in the air or grattouiller a bit. “

Do you receive a lot of film proposals

” Always the same thing: the cynical guy who at one time was a redemption. So much to do with Beigbeder. I’d love to, for example, called me for an action movie. I have a body and I think I know use it. I would not just there to make pia pia pia … “

You hate to see you on a screen. But you watch your shows?

“Me goodbye, how tanned! My shows, it’s different, the video becomes a working tool. There, for example, I ended my running tour. I recorded all the shows. I refines I balance. Now my play is that it is absolutely necessary that I want to say what I say, and there are plenty of replicas which I tired after ten performances. If I’m not thrilled, I remove. It would only term I love reaches 85% of New show . The public seems content to 99%, but I’m only 50%. “

Practice New show . February 15, 2017 Radiant Caluire, April 27 at Dijon.

David S. Tran


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