Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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The young philosopher and novelist Toulouse Tristan Garcia has been named winner of the 42nd Book Inter. Its amazing and highly architectural novel “7″ has won on Sunday the jury chaired by Agnes Desarthe. A price that illuminates a little the Pink City.

Upon its release in late summer 2015, 7 had not really caught the attention of literary juries. But criticism was already unanimous about this novel to the amazing architectural structure, the hidden meaning delivered by seven stories and so many genres. Yesterday, the Inter Book jury awarded him the 42nd palm history after much deliberation (four rounds of elections) with more votes than Le Grand Marin , the novel by Catherine Poulain.

Logic “7″ – he must not forget to read his lines the first meaning of this number – takes place between fantasy and science fiction. But on the merits, its plot is nothing less than a reflection on destiny. “Men do not have a deep desire to submit one they are judging that they were,” says Tristan Garcia.

“7″ tells the story of a drug dealer who comes across a drug to turn back time and change the feeling of the person who consumes; then that of a rock star who can not get to hear “Walking backwards”, a piece dated nineteenth century he thought he had made in the eighties … Similarly, the narrative composed on “Face “this woman of exceptional beauty is just as confusing qu’éclairant the famous double that each of us possess in this world … and so on to the seventh and last story. Longest.

This man adventure that dies and is reborn seven times, remembering each time his past lives is undoubtedly the foundation of “7″.

” false stories about modernity “

realistic exploration of various social circles, this novel is the final fantasy story of a humanity that deliberately turns its back on truth and prefers to tell stories.

La Dépêche du Midi , in September 2015, Tristan Garcia stated: “the original idea was to cross different worlds. This is something that I practice since my debut in literature: I like to spend classic novel genres like science fiction or police. And most of the texts that form “7″ meet the desire of overlap. These are all attempts to restore the contemporary human condition by introducing a small dose fantastic (…) What fascinates me in the contemporary world, it is the belief. I am an atheist. I embraced the rationalist philosophy. And I realize that one is told false stories about modernity. It was thought that the belief would vanish like a mirage. In fact, today we witness the triumph of irrational beliefs. We can not undo; they are resistant to stubborn way, as absurd as they are. “

In the manner of an African griot, Tristan Garcia book so much more than mere stories. And maliciously opens in us unsuspected doors.

“7″, Gallimard

The philosopher

It is of course that challenge. That of Tristan Garcia went through Toulouse, where he was born and where he followed brilliant studies, including Fermat before entering the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. This young man of 35 is as big movie buff and television series to the point of today co-lead a collection of TV series Presses Universitaires de France. His first novel, The Best Part of men (Gallimard) won the Prix de Flore 2008 and was adapted for the stage in 2012. Since then, six other awards followed. He is also the author of numerous philosophical essays whose very uplifting and electrifying The intense life. A modern obsession published in 2016 (Ed. Otherwise) in which it examines the intensity, the principle that governs the modern world since the advent of electricity fairy. And tries to bring us to wisdom.


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