Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shot by a crazy fan, but was Christina Grimmie? – TF1

She was only 22 years old when his path crossed that of a mad fan Friday. Armed with a revolver, the one whose identity has not been revealed, did not hesitate to shoot it while Christina Grimmie signing autographs to his fans at the exit of the concert which she had attended. Wrestled to the ground by the brother of the victim, it would still have managed to free themselves for then killing himself. According to preliminary results of the investigation, he had the way to Orlando with the specific purpose of doing harm to the singer.

Transported in a medical center of Orlando, the latter succumbed to his injuries a few hours after admission. Back on the course that proved promising Christina Grimmie.

A real star YouTube
Born in New Jersey the United States, calling the music won her very young. It is from the age of 13 she posted her first video again on YouTube .

If success was immediate, some of them cartons were real audience, as his version of Titanium , the tube David Guetta and Sia or the soundtrack of the film Titanic by Celine Dion My heart will go on . His recovery with Sam Tsui Just a Dream Nelly, she has been seen by over 100 million users.

Today, his chain Youtube has more than 3 million fans and millions of views. success that allow him to record two albums in 2011 and 2013.

RIP Christina Grimmie: … further proof that the human being is the most beautiful and the ugliest creations!

The Voice , its new challenge
Based on this success, Christina Grimmie does not stop there way and tried his luck in the US version of the Voice in 2014. in France, kendji Girac became known by the same route before trying his luck and win the third season of the Voice .

It therefore includes the sixth season by taking the tube Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball . A benefit that allows him to turn the four coaches of the show Shakira , Usher , Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. And it is to the latter, the leader of the group Maroon 5 , she turned to follow the adventure, it will continue by finishing 3rd in the competition.

Watch Christina Grimmie’s blinddebuton The Voice. Suchan instantaneousdisplay of a promising, assuredtalent.

A result that does not stop him being spotted by then hire a house disc, which will make him release a first single Must be love . Flying from his own, she continued to write and record his hits, while devoting time to his sick mother.

I addeda videoto a @YouTube playlisthttps: // Christina Grimmie- Must Be Love (Audio)


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