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“Finding Dory”: this fish is the best example to understand the troubles of the immediate memory – The Huffington Post

CINEMA – “swimming right before you swim straight ahead”, must remember Dory. The little fish amnesiac we discovered and adored in Finding Nemo (2003) is from this Wednesday, June 22 the heroine of the new Pixar film, Finding Dory .

We thus find our small “blue surgeon” with Nemo and Marin friends, one year after the events of Finding Nemo.

While the two clownfish manage as well somehow protected their amnesia, a memory seems to be emerging in his mind, that of his parents. So they put on the traces of the past Dory. Which, you guessed it, will not be easy because every 10 seconds, it’s back to square one for the memory flanchante Dory.

“I forget all As”

But what she suffers, exactly ? Of “impaired short term memory,” she says in Finding Nemo . “I forget all As, it seems it’s family! Finally, in any case, I think …”, she added.

Qu’est- that the short-term memory? It is one that allows us to keep in mind the information for a very limited time (example: I must remember that I started talking to Nemo to finish my sentence). It is an active memory, that of the present. It is the memory of what one is thinking. “It can retain information for a few seconds or tens of seconds. We will continuously solicit at every moment, for example to remember a phone number time to note,” says Inserm.

This is the short-term memory that speaks Dory, even if the word used to describe it is “immediate” (in English, she also suffers from short-term memory loss , short term memory loss).

There are several types of memory but usually we oppose it to the long-term memory, which has a much larger capacity. Through it we remember the name of our mistress of CP or the face of our best friend in kindergarten.

Dory therefore has difficulty knowing which direction to swim but she can remember more distant events, more rooted in it, like the furtive sensations it perceives about his parents, or the simple fact that she feels safe with Nemo and Marin. – if she forgets their first names, it does not feel every second in the presence of unknown

“When a person experiences loss the short-term memory, she can remember incidents that took place 20 years ago but things details that took place 20 minutes earlier are blurred, “says site Live Science .

specifically, Dory suffers from amnesia antérétrograde. Which means it is unable to create new memories. “Dory described his illness as ‘disorders of immediate memory’, which is the most commonly used way to describe a new data encryption problem,” explains the website NeuroPsyFi , specialized in the brain.

If Dory seems to believe that his troubles are familial, in humans, the antérétrogrades amnesia are often caused by accident (head injury, heart attack …).

Besides, Finding Dory confirms that his parents are not themselves amnesia, as they learn to an adorable “baby Dory” how to talk about his troubles of other children.

“Dory, stop doing your Dory”

both films Pixar adequately describe memory disorders. In a text entitled “Memories are not made of this, at the movies amnesia” published in the journal British Medical Journal , the neuropsychologist Sallie Baxendale, wrote: “It is perhaps ironic that a neuropsychological portraits of the most adequate memory disorders in a movie does not come from a human character but an animated blue tropical fish (…) the cause is unclear, but its difficulty learning and retain new information, remember names, know where it is going and why, is a fair interpretation of the important challenges facing people with profound memory loss. “

beyond fun behaviors Dory, Pixar also shows another facet of memory impairment “when she is alone, lost and profoundly disoriented,” writes Sallie Baxendale. “Dory, stop doing your Dory” if she repeats several times, when it no longer knows what to do.

It also shows that relatives are crucial in this kind of case, which some studies have shown. In Nemo Le Monde , Dory tells Marin she feels better remember in his presence. In Finding Dory , Marin will be there again, to remind him when panic, it can happen. Like what? “When life we ​​played a dirty trick … what do we do We swim!”

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