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“Game of Thrones” Season 6, Episode 9: the bewildering battle bastards – MetroNews

Before diving into that Game of Thrones has more epic and impressive in six seasons, “The battle of the bastards” – broadcast tonight on HBO in the US and simultaneously in France on OCS – went toward Meereen with the unexpected return of Daenerys. The city is besieged by the masters of other cities of the Bay of Serfs and Tyrion has trouble explained his failure to his queen.

The Mother of Dragons is timely to address the situation and n is not the question for her to negotiate. Assisted by three winged creatures, it destroys a small part of the fleet to deploy all its firepower and recover the intact vessel to continue its forward march. But Westeros must wait. Daenerys and Tyrion receive a surprise visit from Theon and Yara Greyjoy, came to ask his help to rid the islands of the Iron-born of Euron threat.

A more epic battle that never

now traveling to the north of Westeros, where one of the greatest battles of the HBO series is about to take place. Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton, two similar and yet so opposite characters. Two bastards who want to rule the North, one to retrieve Winterfell and family land, the other to deploy its evil power. If the first first like a fight face to face, the second knows that his army and more imposing and sure of his victory, refuses and is ready to crush the young Stark with all the forces he has.

Jon Snow is too busy with his emotions, even after his resurrection. One might think that his death would change, but it is not. It remains the largest naive fighter, as it will unfortunately prove it during the huge battle that awaits. And Sansa knows if she has just found its big brother, she knows that lack of spontaneity and surprise. She knows that her struggle is already lost, and that Ramsay is a much better quarterback than he. If there is to win with his little army, it must surprise his opponent.

David Benioff and DB Weiss us had promised a show like we had never seen in the series, and they did not lie. Since 2011 and the arrival of Game of Thrones on TV, the rule is simple: episode 9 of each season is the one that brought down the viewers of their chairs, one in which the unthinkable can happen, one that we heartbreaking. Season 6 is obviously no exception to this rule, and “The battle of the bastards” even exceeded our expectations.

After two transitional episodes where the North remained behind, season 6 has exploded with this confrontation breathtaking. First by the tragic death but predictable Rickon Stark, reappeared a few episodes earlier between Ramsay claws. A final act of terrifying psychopath, sinking a bit more stark in tragedy. The starting point of a fierce battle in which Ramsay army quickly takes over, despite the willingness and aggressiveness of Sauvageons.

psychologically and tactically, Ramsay Bolton has taken over his opponent with the murder. Symbolized in particular by Jon Snow buried under the bodies and his own men who panic at the immensity of the army which is opposite. A stroke of genius – appalling, certainly – overthrown by another stroke of genius: the Sansa Stark, who arrived with the Val army. A definitive turning point in the battle, while Jon Snow and his men were surrounded, ready to perish under enemy pikes.

Not surprisingly, Ramsay leaking cowardly to hide behind the walls of Winterfell, which do not take long to face shots Wun Wun, the wildlings giant who dies under the many arrows that reach, and that fatal bastard of Bolton. Jon Snow has finally its face-to-face and strikes his opponent shots-hitting without killing him. He prefers to leave this satisfaction to Sansa Stark, who awaits his revenge since Ramsay put his hands on her.

Ironically, under the fangs of his dogs that had starved himself he dies in agony, and with that disdainful air that has always characterized. Stark banners resume their rightful place on the walls of Winterfell.

If the title emphasizes Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton, it’s Sansa Stark the real winner of this battle. Since his reunion with her brother, she participates in all discussions of war, and she concludes that the confrontation with the army Val she ran with Littlefinger. It was she who, at a glance, prevents Jon Snow to kill Ramsay before to deal with it even without an ounce of sentimentality in his eyes.

Women in Power

Sophie Turner promised that Season 6 would be that of Sansa Stark, and that’s exactly what happens . More generally, this season is that of women of Game of Thrones, Daenerys one where sits a little more power, one where Yara becomes the heir to the throne of the Iron Islands-born, one in which Arya Stark takes his destiny . In an episode of the end of the season, one can definitely say that the treatment of female characters living a revolution. And if it was due to the liberation of the series, which exceeded the books of George R. R. Martin? Women take power and are less spread of wars and major political maneuvers.

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