Sunday, October 5, 2014

5 reasons to see (again) Singing in the Rain tonight on Arte – Screenrush

Each week, writing Allocine give you five good reasons to (re) watch a movie it deems essential to television. Tonight on Arte, “Singing in the Rain”, the masterpiece of Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen.

What is it about?

Don Lockwood and Lina Lemont form the star couple Hollywood silent cinema. When the first talkie fate, both have to live and run their first film of its kind. If Don control exercise, unpleasant voice of Lina threat the duo. Kathy, a singer, has committed to double the young woman, but it becomes an obstacle between Don and Lina which is not the taste of it.

Ca password when?

This Sunday, October 5 at 20:45 on Arte

1 / The Musical: Always inventive, musical sequences skillfully integrate narration, avoiding the pitfalls of the genre that are to suspend the narrative to insert the dance numbers and singing, to the point of stopping the rhythm. Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, dance is a way to tell the story, and this film, the perfect marriage between film and choreography.

2 / Gene Kelly: Actor, director, singer, dancer, choreographer … Gene Kelly, ranked fifteenth largest screen legend by the American Film Institute, is a complete artist. On screen, the actor twirls innate grace you’d think. But suppose the elegance of precision: backstage, Gene Kelly is particularly demanding. Debbie Reynolds, then just 19 years old, will pay the price! Fortunately, Fred Astaire, shooting in a nearby studio, find the words to comfort the young actress and give her the strength to continue.

3 / The Humor: Despite his sixty years, the humor of Singing in the Rain has not aged and is expressed on all modes: verbal, gestural, visual or purely cinematic, as in the scene where the his film is desynchronized of the image to a hilarious hall. A real sense of cinema

4 / trio. Gene Kelly, we said, lights up the screen. But let us not forget his playing partners, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds. The first, which is not short of tasty mimicry, is still optimistic and capable of astounding acrobatic feats, like his number Make ‘Em Laugh . As for Debbie Reynolds, her charm and delicacy delight film. If the trio sharing a musical sequence, complicity that unites them is truly gratifying

5 / The joy of living. S ‘ he had retained a scene from this masterpiece, it’s probably this dance in the rain, which gave the film its title. Under a downpour, Gene Kelly, the loving heart, through bad weather, wading through puddles and indulges in a tap dance to both casual and virtuoso. By itself, this sequence describes the joy of living the movie.

Singing in the Rain Trailer

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