Monday, October 13, 2014

“Annabelle” deprogrammed due to a public too … movie … – Marianne

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A film of horror was deprogrammed several cinemas in Marseille and Strasbourg, the fault repeated incidents that marred several projections: fights, insulting staff, spectators urinating in theaters … what is this movie sulfur that causes such behavior? Would be a new damn nugget inviting the public to turn, despite himself, into an army of servants of Beelzebub? What is the masterpiece to rival The Exorcist ?

Both wring the neck on this emerging story, Annabelle – since it is the film in question – n is nothing more, nothing less, than a horror movie as there are thousands more, made by an honest craftsman of the B series that turned the friendly (yes) Mortal Kombat : Destruction Finale in the late 90s Annabelle So is the story of a murderous doll possessed the inclination, declination of an insipid legendary Chucky and surfing on this wave of films featuring poltergeists have (re) emerged with Paranormal activity in 2009

But then why the hell Annabelle warms the spirits at this point we should deprogram the film at theaters? First, the film’s genre. Far be it from us to go vilify horror movies or horror as many of our colleagues. No, it is simply to remember that this type of coils banned at least 12 years of drains at teenagers who love going to scare a group … except movies Annabelle Paranormal Activity 4 and Sinister (all three titles have in common that they were deprogrammed in some French cinemas after turbulent projections) do not really cause thrills . At best, they give rise to boredom … , merely use rogue processes, USIT for decades to give birth to fear in the viewer. A far cry indeed masterpieces of the genre, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre Alien The Jaws or Shining that still captivate and scare from the first to the last minute.

But the quality, poor moreover, recent productions can not alone explain and apologize especially, at the same time, such behavior. The amount either, although it must be admitted that horror movies are actually less likely to be projected on large screens, resulting in de facto a high concentration with teenagers from accomplish group, a kind of initiation rite around harrowing films. But still, it is permissible to ask: what has been changed between the projection of Child’s Play (the first film featuring the Chucky doll) in 1988 Annabelle today?

dare a response that is sure to displease the public! Any person who has made a film in the last five years has seen a growing disrespect public in theaters. And c’mon I get up every two minutes, I speak in the session, my neighbor or my contact on the phone. The phone, this wonderful tool to ruin a projection, either with the untimely ringing or the backlight of the screen. The good show, too, when the room lights again (early end credits, multiplex requires) and the ground and the seats are covered with waste of all kinds. When these are not his own clothes which are found studded with popcorn. So of course when the audience consists only of teenagers bands that play at frightening …

In fact, let’s face it, the theater has become a wonderful microcosm enabling observe the ravages of lack of education in France. Or month, this triumphant individualism on manners and etiquette. But history does not blame only the brainless who populate the movie (which all of us can be part, remember when you yourself have forgotten to turn off your laptop …), do not forget no point other responsibilities. Disrespect, for example, shown by some players in the film industry. First operators, who killed the neighborhood cinemas blows of multiplexes and chain now projections blockbusters “surmarketés” who take their viewers for morons. They end up being. The fast-food flicks, it’s like McDonald’s “Come as you are. “

So here is the equation: there is one side of phagocytosis of the brain, the other business of which lay films neuneus and finally operators who build multiplexes for the masses and déprogramment films when the crowds do not fit into the rails. This is the movie that is the big loser. And his love, unhappy, will simply sessions at home …


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