Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We attended the Master Class Xavier Dolan – Inrocks

It is 4:30 p.m. ET the Forum des Images is already crowded. Here we stood in line to obtain places. There some people still hope get the precious but in all eyes, we read a particular effervescence. The press forum confides: “We feel a special excitement around this filmmaker, already at the time of booking, and especially now. People arrive earlier than usual. “ This is the average age is most impressive, it must be around 25 years of age Quebec director.

The room is packed when Xavier Dolan comes in thunderous applause. The public is already won, it was even before the arrival of the filmmaker. Dressed in an orange T-shirt, a perfecto, of leather boots and a perforated black jeans, it takes place against a Pascal Mérigeau somewhat destabilized.

“A Film for me is like a partition “

Xavier Dolan then talks about his love for his actors and to the game: ” The desire of actor is always stronger than the desire director. (…) What is the core of my passion for cinema, this is the game, study, styles and schools of play, the actors, their flaws, their weaknesses. “ We learn also about the importance of his team of technicians, real family for him: “After each scene, I will seek the advice of my technicians, especially my script and my cinematographer their opinions count a lot.”

His next film with Jessica Chastain will be the first installment of a trilogy about show business, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan , shot with the same technical team and always in Quebec but in English. New cast members will be announced in the week

On the importance of fashion and music in his films, Xavier Dolan says.

Mommy was born in part from a song. Music comes early. I create with music, I constantly listen and I’ll end up going deaf, it’s true and more, because of the music I listen too hard. My life is music and film should be too. A film for me is like a partition “

However, if the movie had refused him, he would not have become a musician: .” I love the Fashion is sure that if I had not become a director, I have worked in the fashion world “ says Dolan, who has attended several parades Paris fashion week.

“The kitchen is really shit!”

Between sequence analyzes of Mommy , we also discover that he especially hates two things:

“The kitchens, it really is crap! There is nothing worse shooting. There are reflections everywhere, handles, it is very small … We made a plan about the actress and all we see is the reflection in the fridge behind her. Frigidaire! Frigidaire! Who cares! I hate appliances and modern cars because they are round and ugly. I like cars that are square, elegant and fine, not great … It’s two things I have trouble shooting. “

What is fascinating with Xavier Dolan, is the generosity of its expression. He who has made the search for love in the center of his films, gives a lot to the public. This generosity is one of the reasons that make him a phenomenon. He spoke on behalf of his generation in Cannes, it is certainly now one of the emblems. With a Jury Prize and a dozen covers of newspapers and magazines, Xavier Dolan became a superstar in France. One may wonder if a director of his age has never experienced such a big success both critically and especially generational audience.

Xavier Dolan on the cover of numerous magazines French

Far from the glamor of Cannes, we discover funny, critical of his films and, contrary to what we have read here and there, humble. This does not eclipse so far, a creator passionate about his work, obsessively. It is undoubtedly inhabited by what he does but also by the reception of his films, he who reads all the reviews. We feel that both the young man and the artist, form a whole that is changing, which is looking for and it’s still something that resonates with youth. He plays something that is probably beyond the director himself, which exceeds his films and film. Xavier Dolan is perhaps becoming an icon.

Mommy will be released on October 8, so you can find the entire Master class on the forum site images later in the week. Do not miss also the Film Festival of Quebec in Paris which runs from November 21 to 26 at the same Forum des Images.


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