Sunday, October 5, 2014

“Star Wars VII”: Luke Skywalker could go to the dark side –

SHOOTING – A fan site of “Star Wars” films launched the rumor that the son of Darth Vader would be the main villain of the next trilogy …

Nooooooooooooooooon, it is NOT possible. Is meant by the indignant reactions of millions of fans. Yet the MakingStarWars site, usually well informed about latest films in the franchise Star Wars , understands that the big bad Sith next trilogy would be Luke Skywalker himself.

The son of Darth Vader, who valiantly resisted the temptation in movies IV to VI, would pass to the dark side in the movie is currently shooting JJ Abrams.

Yoda had said

The site does not give much evidence that it is running, but bases its analysis on “secret documents” to which he had access. We learn that the villain of the new trilogy has a mechanical hand as Luke and his father before him, and worship the helmet of Darth Vader.

We already know that action of this new episode will take place thirty years after the events of Endor at the end of Episode VI, which saw the death of Darth Vader. In that time, many things could happen in the mind of Luke. Besides, Yoda had he prophesied about him: “I can not teach him anything, this child has no patience. Too much anger in him, like his father. “

 * Benjamin Chapon


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