Thursday, October 2, 2014

Intermittent strike threatens the theatrical school – MetroNews

intermittent movement has not been defeated with. Across France on Tuesday held demonstrations and strikes. A hundred was intermittent respectively held in Bordeaux, Lille and Marseille at job center, where a delegation has been received.

The first performance of Idiot! Because we should have love ridden by Vincent Macaigne the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris is threatened, as related by World . “Half of the team The Idiot . … Wants to strike. The show echoes the political situation, what we got, what we lost, insecure , etc. In short, it does not know what to do, “he told the director to the site daily.

Meeting scheduled for Thursday with Fleur Pellerin

“If mobilization is lower than before the summer, Denis Gravouil AFP, secretary general of the CGT Entertainment assures:” We are organized to fight over the term “Same story in Jerome. Weaver, Coordination intermittent and precarious: “There is no sign of demobilization in general meetings, on the contrary”

The purpose of this day of action “Getting an accurate calendar.? and binding “pending the outcome of the consultation mission set up by Manuel Valls to settle the dispute. Intermittent still contesting the unemployment insurance agreement signed in March, which hardens their compensation rules. They should be received tomorrow by Fleur Pellerin, “more in line with Matignon and the Elysée” Aurelie Filipetti for Denis Gravouil.


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