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“Annabelle” The cumbersome doll does mark the end of the movie … –

CINEMA – Overflows a handful of restless again raise the question of the programming of horror movies in theaters …

This is not a phenomenon New: projections of horror movies in theaters do not always go as smooth sailing. After Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) and Sinister (2012), it was the turn of Annabelle, by John R. Leonetti trigger the wrath of young viewers to the point of causing the deprogramming of the film in a few theaters. “The majority of screenings taking place without worry. These overflows are rare, “said an operator on condition of anonymity.

An unexpected success

” As the film is suitable for 12 years, they are often kids who put the souk is excited by what they are, or because they hoped to be more scared and react violently to show their disappointment, “says a projectionist in southern France that he, too, wishes to remain anonymous. Warner Bros., the distributor of the film, refused to comment while the film performances are as impressive and unexpected. With nearly 400,000 admissions in five days less than three hundred rooms, Annabelle wearing the post Gone Girl and Mommy , the two large releases of the week.

Towards the end of horror movies in theaters

Although this type of behavior is the result of a very small number of spectators in a handful of rooms, some operators are beginning to still wince at the thought of programming horror movies. There are those who choose to show them in their original language to deter younger. But others downright program them more. “It’s bitching because there is a real audience of fans who are eager to enjoy the movie and they are the ones who will be penalized,” said Remy, lover of horror cinema. How far the excellent results of this type of film they convince operators to continue the program? The output of Rec 4 on November 12 could provide an answer …

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