Friday, October 10, 2014

Nicolas Bedos connecting and Valérie Trierweiler: The SA … – La Voix du Nord

In the new issue of Alessandra Sublet “An Evening at the Eiffel Tower,” the comedian and actor announced on a very serious tone the publication of a book, “Vows torn” telling, he said, his long affair with the former partner of François Hollande when she was still at the Elysee .

Interviewed for nearly half an hour by the facilitator, accomplice the joke, Nicolas Bedos triggered with his visionary confidence a great silence on the set and countless comments on social networks, shared between amusement and annoyance .

Confessions end of the program

The comedian then a confessed to the hoax very end of the show, after the credits , and saying he wanted to denounce the “peopolisation” of politics. When contacted by AFP, Ms Trierweiler declined to respond.

The CSA said to have referred the dossier , as he often did for emissions that are controversy, and decide “very soon.” But it is rare that the regulator of broadcasting channels sanctions for jokes comedians, except for attacks on human dignity. France Télévisions still in its specifications a duty of honesty Information .

France 2 assumes the hoax Nicolas Bedos, because c ‘ is Bedos, humorist, and if we give him the floor, then it is to meet its outspokenness and topics, like Dieudonné example provided then advise viewers of the hoax, which was done , “argued his side a spokesman for France 2.

Christine Boutin bomb

On Twitter is some were trapped, including Christine Boutin who twittered indignantly “#Bedos: nausea to vomiting! “And” #bedos revelation tonight proves once again that there is no longer any separation between public and private life! “. Before commenting, once stale joke, “If #bedos revelation is a fake, the worst is that it is credible! Drew with this mystification <. "

Issuance of Alessandra Sublet, new talk show late night public channel that is in its second number b> 1 million viewers (9.1% of the audience), or 200,000 more than the first, was disappointed with an audience share of 7.5%.

Holland would have called Bedos

According to Le Figaro, Nicolas Bedos’ confirmed it had even been called early this morning by President François Hollande in person “Thursday morning. “ And this is not a hoax ,” he said. reaction “ virulent enough “, the discussion would be relaxed. The Elysee denied that this conversation took place, despite confirmation of comedian.


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