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“Homeland” season 4, episode 1 and 2 we looked at both … – MetroNews

Rarely has a sequel been expected. Sunday night, Showtime broadcast the first two episodes of Season 4 of Homeland . While the loss of the character of Brody (Damian Lewis), who died hanged at the end of the third season, shocked the fans, the writers decided to reinvigorate the political thriller by giving the counters (almost) zero .

Gone is the story of love with Carrie (Claire Danes), who discovered she was pregnant with her lover in the previous season, and replaced by a new plot. Because although it is now mother, the CIA is still obsessed with his job. She told the little sister to see and do on Skype. Finally, when she has time.

bad start for Carrie

Back on the ground in Afghanistan, things start badly for our heroine . Now head of the CIA office in Kabul, she authorized a drone attack on the house which is supposed to hide a leading Taliban in Pakistan. Only problem, the machine ends up on a house where they attended a wedding, killing 40 civilians. The only survivor: young Aayan (Suraj Sharma), a medical student whose family has disappeared. Worse, he has a video of the attack that one of his friends decided to air without his knowledge.

A gesture that will have dramatic consequences. Carrie is featured on the Selette, his informant on the spot, Sandy Bachman (Corey Stoll, who plays in House of Cards ) will be the target of the crowd after her face was unveiled on TV. Attacked by men mad, and Carrie Quinn (Rupert Friend) will fail to save him, as found in the second episode, which takes us back to the United States.

unfit mother

Carrie Quinn and brought back the remains of Sandy on American soil where the young woman found her daughter Frannie. But Carrie is struggling to attach to the baby spitting image of Brody. As she reluctantly agrees to spend a day with his daughter, things seem to work out. But only in appearance, since bath time, Carrie panic and seems reluctant to drown her daughter. A very disturbing scene that sums up the state of twisted mind of our heroine.

Meanwhile, Quinn, very experienced in the disappearance of Sandy, drowns his sorrows in alcohol and Fricotte obese with his owner. In Islamabad, it’s not going either very hard for young Aayan, became the target of the media since the release of the video. Very disturbed to have become the center of attention, he decided to get rid of dozens of mysterious vials that just covered in her wardrobe by entrusting them to a friend.

More action, less psychology

Always obsessed with the attack that went wrong, Carrie that her boss decided not to refer the field, met Harris, a former placardisé agent. The latter reveals that Sandy was actually a double agent and he sold information to the enemy. Lockhart, the head of the CIA, who was apparently aware, decided to cover it up. A boon for Carrie who manages to sing his superior. It has no alternative but to let her return to Islamabad.

While we had little insight into the first episode, Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) is back. Always with Mira, he left the CIA and now works for an agency specializing in security. Finally his way recrosses that of Carrie at the end of the second episode, at the funeral of Sandy. Carrie will ask him to ensure his safety once she is back in Afghanistan. While their tandem reform, Quinn decides to release Carrie can be seen flying alone at the end of the episode.

Homeland , based on the shoulders Carrie Mathison, now seems to be towards more action scenes, like a 24 hours flat . This change will he give new life to fiction or he will confuse the fans? Even if you are not completely convinced by this double episode, we still wait to see more. Let’s just hope it will be a little more exciting …

Homeland , season 4 every Sunday night on Showtime.
And the first two episodes on Canal + TV, Tuesdays at 20 h 50.


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