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Daniel Radcliffe: “I can not laugh at jokes about Harry Potter” – The Point

Twenty-five years but already fifteen years of career. Is it any wonder, then, the maturity of the young man who comes to us to defend the colors of his sixteenth feature film? Daniel Radcliffe has used interviews him about the least of which are analyzed since round glasses were put on his nose little boy. He could show weary sigh before unoriginal questions put to him for the umpteenth time, initiate responses formatted autopilot … But no. Daniel Radcliffe is a gentleman and was kind enough to be enthusiastic. A pro who knows that beyond the movie screen, its role as an actor continues to journalists who must promote Horns , independent film by French director Alexandre Aja that blends romance, comedy and horror. Hard to resist the impeccable politeness actor who has, moreover, a rare quality franchise

Point. Glad to return to the fantastic?

Daniel Radcliffe : Yes, but you know, I do not really think about that when I make a film. In fact, the only time we think of the genre, it’s when you meet the press! The rest of the time we just said, “This is a good movie or a bad movie.” I was dying to Horns because I read a lot of scripts and this is the one that made me react so strongly as it is original, unexpected, clever and funny .

Recently roles are quite strange. Originality is a key criterion when choosing the movies you going to do?

I am a strange guy! ( Laughter ) Yes, that’s capital. I think that there is not enough strangeness around us. But if you look at my films, be it The Woman in Black , Horns or Victor Frankenstein , you can see that beyond fantastic they all speak of something else. Frankenstein focuses on the nature of creation and the issue of responsibility for what we create. Horns is not only a story like with horns, it’s a film about what happens when the love of his life is lost. I love movies that have that kind of magic realism: they take something that everyone knows and find a totally unique way to tell.

How was your meeting with Alexandre Aja?

As soon as I read the script, I knew I had to make this film. I did not know Alex, but I had seen Piranha 3D that I loved. In view of his films, I expected to find myself a little in front of a psychopath. And in fact, this is the nicest guy in the world! I think this movie is an opportunity for both of us to show something new professionally. When I met him, I knew he was looking for someone older for the role. I spent over an hour and a half to explain why I was the person he needed! I think at the end he had to say “OK, that’s good, take the role and leave me alone!”

And on the set, it was like?

Alex is an extraordinary director because it is very difficult to produce films, but it gives the impression that it’s easy. On the set, he is very generous and everyone listening. Some directors lack confidence in their own creativity and if someone suggests something to them, they take umbrage. But Alex is very collaborative, he knows that a film set is filled with creative people and if we can exploit this, the film becomes even better.

What do you find most difficult: playing in a blockbuster or a small independent film?

Honestly, it’s almost the same. Independent films tend to have more interesting scenarios because in the studio system every decision is posed by a score of people who must have agreed, it is never the vision of one person. But I grew up on the sets of blockbusters and I love them. It was lots of fun and you can make ridiculous things we will never stay anywhere else. So I like both and I hope to mix them as much as possible!

What kind of movies do you watch?

Comedies! But I also love B movies, films like gore Sharknado . Do not tell Alex because he is a true connoisseur of horror movies and I am a connoisseur of nanars! But I’ve always loved this type of film. My rule is that films must be either so good that one is silent, is so bad that speaks throughout the film! All that was between is boring.

You make many movies lately, which puts you back in the spotlight. You gave in the past, this kind of attention you weighed …

I can not complain, my life is great and I am chance to do many great things. At the same time, this is not a normal way of living. Especially this part, where I spent a month doing interviews. It is not normal to talk much of himself and hear as many opinions on oneself. Ultimately, try to block everything, to voluntarily look away from home. Before I read everything that was written about me. It’s so stupid – and so addictive. I tell you all this because I know there is no English journalist (and they are too lazy to translate this article) … it was very confusing for teen I was feeling some people wanted to see me fail. Growing up, we learn to manage the celebrity differently. For example, I spoke once with alcohol, which I would never have done. I was honest and I do not regret having been, but it was stupid of me: for two years, it has spoken to me about it. But you learn only by making mistakes.

Projectors, it’s also the excitement of the fans

But this is different. All those fans came to tell me two things: how much they love Harry Potter or how much they are eager to see Horns . It’s so nice! People think that I do not want to talk about Potter , but it is part of my life for ten years! I can not not talk about my life from 11 to 21 years!

It seems that you often jokes related to Harry Potter : What is the best or the worst you’ve heard

The one that comes up often in girls, it’s “Accio Dan!” And I say to myself, “Well, okay, I’ve heard, but okay.” Once, a girl got me something amazing, a full dialogue alleging Harry Potter ! It was really funny and no one had ever made me, so I laughed and she was delighted. But often these jokes make me tired. I mean, it does not bother me, it’s just that I can not laugh! People look at me and expect me laugh and think I’m an asshole when I’m not doing it. Sorry, but I can not laugh at this joke for the thousandth time! That said, I think it’s very brave to come to a player and trying to play a joke. I would not have the courage.


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