Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First session of 8 October: Mommy steals (slightly) to star … – Cinema

This is the Mommy Xavier Dolan which is leading the first Parisian sessions with 2,685 tickets sold in 24 rooms. A flying start for the Quebec filmmaker, whose previous film, Tom farm , had recorded 689 entries. The Cannes effect no doubt, and the media coverage provided to the prodigy ( in a First ) have obviously encouraged the audience to move.

The director of 25 years so the first place to picnic David Fincher , the Gone Girl out three copies of over 2,674 total entries – the game is very tight. It’s still a good start for the director of Seven , the Millenium , though adapted from a worldwide bestseller first meeting drew 2,453 spectators in 2012.

Two beautiful startups that crush the competition, as the ugly doll Annabelle , the horror thriller spinoff of Conjuring, took third behind with 926 entries.

First sessions in Paris on 8 October 2014 to 14:
1. Mommy trailer
2. Gone Girl trailer
3. Annabelle trailer


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