Thursday, October 2, 2014

Interstellar: A cardboard box office insured? –

We got to the point where every new film by Christopher Nolan becomes an event, a sign that the director has succeeded over the years to build a reputation and a popularity rating envied by many. When he announced Interstellar, the new trailer was unveiled, the audience literally carried away, always keeping in mind the incredible Inception, the previous movie science fiction of the latter. By resurrecting Batman to great effect with the trilogy The Dark Knight and proving that a blockbuster can be complex and intelligent, Nolan has gone into a new dimension. Without trying to influence anyone, he redefined the Charter of superhero movies, who had never counted on the darkness of the characters and their environment before. In short, you’ll understand that Nolan is a man who knew how to stage incredible stories combined with special effects and large it’s a cocktail that detonates, its performance at the box office being the smoking gun.

If we look more specifically Interstellar, there is the presence of a story revolving around a mission to save humanity, an impressive cast led by Bow Matthew McConaughey (Oscar winner this year) and special effects worthy of a blockbuster respectable. All ingredients are gathered for a success at the box office but it is clear that such a statement would be harder to do without the presence of Christopher Nolan. Its propensity to re-write the codes of big budget films suggests the best because once again, extracts released to date have highlighted the dramatic narrative and managed to inflate pending public while maintaining the suspense on the heart of the history and the mysteries it contains . Spread the word: Interstellar, where Christopher Nolan was inspired by Star Wars, is THE movie event of this season and should allow Warner to collect significant revenues. Are you fans of the work of Christopher Nolan


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