Thursday, October 9, 2014

The must of the day: Nicolas Bedos hoax, not children … –

NEWS – What should not be missed in the news this Thursday, October 9 …

Writing 20 Minutes worked hard today (as every day). You do not have time to read everything? No worries. Here’s a little remix of our production for the day … for fun

The most read article of the day. Hoax on Valerie Trierweiler: Nicolas Bedos claims that Francois Hollande has called

Nicolas Bedos has pulled it off. His hoax worked at full capacity, according to the tweets that have swept the moment Wednesday night, Alessandra Sublet asked about his latest -faux- book in which he revealed his association with -fausse- Valerie Trierweiler. At the end of the show, Alessandra Sublet revealed that this was a “bullshit”. Thursday, Nicolas Bedos, not content with having provoked many reactions, said Hollande had called. The Elysee has categorically denied, according to TV Mag

Article shared most of the day. A leader on trial for rape of children that using drugs to using milkshakes

A former host of 37 years is considered, from Thursday, before the Assize Court of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) for five rapes and sexual assaults that have committed nineteen children. Described by his lawyers as “Peter Pan” refusing to grow up, Aurélien Jarrier is no stranger to the law. Indicted in Alsace in March 2007 for sexual assault while he was director of a resort near Colmar, he was released after a year and placed under judicial supervision pending trial.

Articles the most commented item: Yonne: On trial for refusing to vaccinate their children

The trial is unprecedented in France. A couple appear Thursday before the High Court of Auxerre (Yonne) for refusing to vaccinate their children, ages 15 months and 3 years, against the DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, polio). Yet the mandatory vaccines. The husband Marc and Samia Larère are being prosecuted for “maltreatment”

Section Editor of the day. Kebab Will it tomorrow burger

salad, tomatoes, dough. On October 17, the first restaurant and drive Kebab Party, whose design required the colossal investment of EUR 2.5 million, will open its doors at Le Mans (Sarthe). Inspired by fast-food chains like McDonald’s or Quick, he presents himself as a “revolution” in a market sandwiched between, on the one hand, the ham and butter and hamburger and the other, pizza and Asian dishes. But the kebab he has the means to copy the recipe for burger kings? Nothing is less sure

Article area daily. Lyon: In a year, the city will have its own local currency

In the year 2014, all Gaul is occupied by the euro … Any? No! In recent years, a dozen cities or villages French published their own local currency. Starting with Toulouse, who by launching the purple Sol, has become an example in this regard.

* Armelle Le Goff


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