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Of “Saw 3″ to “Annabelle” those movies that terrify patterns … – TF1

Following the incidents, the movie Annabelle will not be broadcast in our movie today and until further notice . ” The warning appears on a sign at the entrance to the UGC cinema in Strasbourg. After repeated fights and misbehavior in classrooms, several cinemas were forced to deprogram Annabelle , American horror film of Jon R. Leonetti, no one under the age of 12. This is not the first time a film, good or bad, creates such excesses in – or before – a movie theater.

We should return to the early films of Luis Buñuel ( An Andalusian Dog, The Golden Age ) to search for the biggest scandals in history to cinema. Returning in 1930 during the presentation of the film in Paris The Golden Age when one of the paintings of Salvador Dali is lacerated by far-right activists. Today, there are horror films for adolescents, once it was anticlerical movies or stamped blasphemous: The Gospel According to St. Matthew , Pasolini, The Passion of Christ , Mel Gibson or The Last Temptation of Christ Martin Scorsese film that was even – when it came out – had a bomb in the Saint-Michel neighborhood Paris in October 1988

In 2012, Sinister deprogrammed in 40 rooms

Point of delirium blasphemous for Annabelle but a genre – horror – which, combined with a teenage audience came to see and experience the film in a group – becomes the nightmare bosses room: screams, fights and disruptions sessions. In 2012, Paranormal Activity (2012) provoked, too, overflows or a few years earlier, the film Saw 3 (2006).

Sinister , another horror film starring Ethan Hawke, was even deprogrammed by more than 40 French theaters disorders observed after a few days earlier at the output Paranormal Activity 4 . At the time, we contacted Jean-Philippe Tirel, former CEO of Wild Bunch, who brought us some details: “At the time we wanted to go out Sinister more broadly with 200 copies. Unfortunately, at the last moment, there was strong resistance from some farmers from incidents during the Halloween screenings Paranormal Activity 4 . But beware, they are epiphenomena really related to Halloween context. In most cases, there is no problem. ” He added: “Even if they looked different, Paranormal Activity 4 and Sinister touching the same public Some were a little hesitant at the idea of ​​a resume. horror that could still lead to disorders in theaters movie. ”

The horror movie in theaters threatened?

Before Sinister Paranormal Activity 4 and Annabelle – there was the event Saw 3 which has greatly served the exploitation of horror movies in theaters. At the time, it is also and especially the severity of the censor board who had debate ban the film in less than 18 years because, not of sex scene but “great violence”. It was the first film to scoop this “18″ for reasons other than sex scenes and it has received enormous publicity to the public including “young”. At the time, many farmers had to incur additional costs to hire security staff to deter the public who wished to enter the room without the required age. Incidents with property damage were deplorable in some rooms. For all these reasons and also vis-à-vis its image, UGC announced that henceforth they do not pass these horror movies for those over 18.

The danger would be that horror movies a little hard can hardly move indoors and on TV and end up in the ghetto of “direct to video” like X movie ultimately has left his artistic ambitions are (a consequence of the drastic reduction in its budgets). In addition to self-censorship in advance to avoid the film a ban or even a refusal to produce such films, we have to watch over the refusal of the operators to broadcast.


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