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Intermittent return to streets – The World

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Warring for months with the government, the entertainment challenging the new unemployment agreement signed last March, which hardens their compensation rules.

We already know that both shows Fall Festival, emblematic manifestation of the cultural season in Paris and its suburbs, are canceled: Capital and his monkey , directed by Sylvain Creuzevault at the Théâtre de la Colline in Paris; and Passim , directed by François Tanguy, which was to play T2G Gennevilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis).


But it is unclear whether the premiere of the highly anticipated show Vincent Macaigne Idiot! Because we should have love will be given or not tonight at 19: 30 pm, at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris. If the team decides to play tonight, the show will he disturbed by action? We’ll know more in the coming hours. “We are completely lost” says Vincent Macaigne, hoarse voice.

“I am for the show to be maintained as I fear that the audience does not understand. At the same time, I support and thanks to this system we have the best technicians in the world. One half of the team of The Idiot! …. wants to strike. The show echoes the political situation, what we got, what we lost, insecure, etc. In short, one does not know what to do “.

In addition, the Théâtre de la Commune in Aubervilliers is on strike, as indicated in the National Drama Centre website and the representation of Hyperion, directed by the director of the Théâtre de la Commune, Marie-José Malis, is also canceled

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Artists, technicians, professionals, culture, etc., argue for another scheme unemployment compensation, and challenge the agreement of March 2 signed by the social partners (MEDEF, CFDT, FO, etc.) and approved by the government on June 6 In Paris, around 14 pm, a demonstration was from the Ministry of Labour to get to the Palais-Royal, under the windows of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Other processions march in Lille, Montpellier, Dijon, Bordeaux, Caen, Poitiers, Nancy, Brest, Grenoble, Orléans, Toulouse, etc., as specified in the CGT-show statement.

Wrath of the world of culture is linked also to the feeling that the dialogue set up by the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, in early summer, patina.

It meets the signatory the agreement of March 2, as well as non-signatories (CGT) and new players, such as coordination or researcher Mathieu Grégoire. Is it to reform thoroughly Schedules 8 (technicians) and 10 (artists) Unedic or discussions will result they by some marginal adjustments? The mission is to make proposals by the end of the year

Thursday, October 2, in Paris, the “three wise men” who fly this mission -. MP Jean-Patrick Gille, the former co-director of the Avignon festival Hortense Archambault and former Director-General of Labour Jean-Denis Combrexelle – give a press conference at the end of the first plenary meeting of the season

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