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“Mommy”: Mother tragedy squared – The World

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Anne Dorval Xavier Dolan on filming & quot; Mommy & quot ;.

Let’s start with the geometry. This is what determines the great singularity of Mommy, screened in square format. Even in the days of the great ancestors, the screen was wider than high; Chaplin, Lang or Eisenstein took advantage of the 4/3 ratio in an attempt to enlarge the image in proportion to the field.

Xavier Dolan, known for six years, since he was 18, he do not bother with what came before him, has chosen to tell a story in a square. The square, he said, supports the portrait, communication of feelings. Feelings, Mommy is saturated, the best to the worst, love destruction, solidarity hatred. But the square is also the size of the boxes, cells, spaces where we lock. And Mommy th st a tragedy that separates the characters by the same means, that should bind – love, friendship, solidarity

Caught in a frame. square, the protagonists of a dialogue not interact, they monologues, and one wonders if they agree only. Watch Die and Kyla tell their stories, for example.


For it is time to make history . He might defend himself, Xavier Dolan is obsessed with the devastation that can have on a mother’s love lives. It was the central theme of I killed my mother, one of the springs dra …


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